Drug Smugglers Are Driving Across the Arizona Border in Broad Daylight

The October 2 shooting death of Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie brought national media to Arizona's Cochise County.  After a few days, when investigators determined that the killing was a tragic a case of friendly fire, the media packed up and left. Most of their stories will go unaired and unpublished, and that's a shame.  With the election looming, voters needs to hear the truth at a time when Washington is spinning the nation into believing that the mission of securing the border has been accomplished.  Nothing to see here, folks -- we've got this under control. Not even close, says rancher John Ladd. His San Jose Ranch sits right on the Arizona-Mexico line, ten and a half miles of land stretching from the town of Naco west toward the San Pedro River.  Border Patrol has three camera towers on his property, an eye-in-the-sky Cyclops, and sensors hidden in the desert shrubs that activate when smugglers pass.  A pedestrian fence (pictured below) blocks the...(Read Full Article)