Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

October has been designated Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.  It seems only fitting that the month prior to the presidential election should be labeled as such.  One need only look at the definition of bullying to see where I'm going with this:

According to the Webster's New World Dictionary, bullying is acting to "force (a person) into doing something by threatening loudly; browbeat; bulldoze."  Bullying ranges from simple one-on-one bullying to more complex bullying, in which the bully may have one or more "lieutenants" who are willing to assist the primary bully in his or her bullying activities.

Now let's consider the activities that Obama and his administration have carried out over the past four years that happen to fit this description:

1) Legislation that will affect over 300 million Americans was passed through questionable means in the middle of the night, without legislators knowing what was in the bill, at a time when the majority of Americans didn't want it.  One would say that this fits into the "coercion" and "force" genres, no?

2) This administration bears no love for fossil fuels, so a rigorous campaign to shut down coal plants and curtail future oil exploration has been implemented.  They can't persuade us to use renewable energy sources, so force is used.  "Energy prices would necessarily skyrocket."  Again, is this not a form of bullying?

3) When Congress was unable to pass his DREAM Act legislation, Obama did an end-run and signed an executive order (one of hundreds) that forced the implementation of his policies, in defiance of procedural protocol.  Does this not fit into the category of lieutenants assisting in his bullying activities?

4) When the Obama campaign uses minions to label Romney as a tax evader, or one who has committed a crime with his investments...is this not intimidation?

Let's face it -- this guy has been taking our lunch money every day for the past four years.  He takes our money and redistributes it to those who rally around him and provide him with a circle of protection.  His "lieutenants" implement his policies of bullying, and a compliant and complicit media turns and looks the other way.  He continues his onslaught because there are no consequences for his actions.  He slaps us around, and we have no recourse but to out-vote his minions, acolytes, and sycophants.

Thank you, Mitt Romney, for standing up to the bully last week.  You did what so many of us yearn to do: stand up to a form of oppression that has garnered enough disdain that a month had to be designated for its prevention.  You faced down a bully in front of 70 million viewers.  You removed the cloak of deception and revealed the man for what he truly is: a pretender; an empty suit who has never been challenged a day in his life...a bully who is using the office of president to implement the transformation of America.

Obama can't advertise his accomplishments, since most of them are deplorable acts of cowardice that would never be accepted in a normal society.  He simply can't run on his record, for if we were to detail all the coercion and force used by his administration, the masses would start to see the pattern of bullying.

How does a bully respond to a challenge?  Consider Obama's reaction to his abysmal debate performance.  His actions were right out of the bullying 101 guide to success.  He immediately began making excuses for losing that fight: he didn't have time to prepare because he was busy with worldwide affairs.  His opponent cheated and lied.  The sun was in his eyes...and the list goes on.

You can put a kind face on a bully.  You can give a bully a soft, impassioned voice.  A bully can be as smart as a whip and have great creases in his pants...but he is still a bully.

I encourage all AT readers to think of their own examples of implemented policies or actions that fit into this bullying theme.  Share them in the comments section, and let's just see how many examples we can come up with.  Perhaps more Americans will begin to see the pattern as well.

Next month, when it comes time to pull the lever, remember this: a vote for the incumbent is a vote to condone bullying at the highest level.  The last four years was just our lunch money.  The next four (without Obama having to run for re-election) will be a bare-knuckled beatdown.  If you cast your vote for him, do it from your knees and cover your head -- for the next four years of pain will make the past four seem like innocent hazing.

In South America, they call bullying something different: a dictatorship.