A 21st-Century De Anima: Why Vamps and Zombs are So Wildly Popular with the Humanists

The cultural phenomenon is undeniable: vampire and zombie phantasmagoria is in its heyday, especially among Gen-Xers and younger.  The dis-ensouled human form, both the high (the vampire) and the low (the zombie), has swept the nation in movies, TV shows, books, graphic novels, and even spoofs.  The vampire has become the golden boy for the New Humanism, the zombie its greatest scapegoat.  From a religious point of view, these modern tales of alienation happen to tell far more about the soul of the culture which situates them than the lack of soul within the individual zombie or vampire. First, a brief caveat: I disclaim no inherent immorality appurtenant to the consumption of this sub-genre.  I've viewed some of these films myself, of course.  Zomb and vamp flicks are not themselves immoral or perfidious.  Rather, I motivate the view that they reflect the abiding lack of morals and good faith -- the nutritive supplements of the psyche -- of the...(Read Full Article)