The Rich versus Everybody Else in Obama's America

At last week's Republican Convention, Chris Christie, as keynote speaker at the Republican convention, proclaimed that voters are ready to hear the truth about needing to shrink government and stop politicians spending money we don't have.  One admirable Republican governor after another stood up and told how in only a few years they were able to transform their bankrupt states.  By taking on the Democrat special interests and cutting government spending, they balanced the budget, reduced taxes, and grew jobs.  Mitt Romney's policy will do the same for America, they proclaimed.  Free Americans from the suffocating hand of government, so they can realize their dreams and make America prosper again. Democrats are not listening.  And why should they?  The core Democrat constituencies are either so rich it doesn't matter to them, or else they don't pay taxes, they don't work, or they work for the government.  The rest are there because they get their...(Read Full Article)