The First Refuge of Scoundrels

Why have so many in the so-called mainstream media become unhinged in their attacks on not only Mitt Romney, but anyone who does not openly support Barack Obama?  Why do so many on the left hate conservatives as monsters?

While there has always been virulent speech on the fringes of the political spectrum, Barack Obama has, by participating in and refusing to condemn such discourse as well as sanctioning the vitriol and violence of the Occupy Wall Street movement, made it acceptable to denigrate and attack, in the vilest of terms, anyone who may have a different point of view about the direction of the country and the meaning of being an American.

The president and his fellow-travelers, the vast majority of whom are disciples of Saul Alinsky, have brought the Marxist strategy of unbridled personal destruction of their political opponents into the mainstream.  They know no other way to achieve and retain power, as historically their left-wing policies and beliefs have never succeeded in bettering the lives of the people -- only those of the proponents.  Thus, they must unleash the dogs of demagoguery, bigotry, and hatred.  Many of their mind-numbed followers, such as those in the entertainment community, willingly, and with no forethought, regurgitate these accusations in order to be part of the supposed in-crowd.

The most common accusation, because of Obama's skin color, is racism, which is now being found under every rock and word uttered by Republican politicians as well as any conservative.  This year's Republican National Convention not only nominated Mitt Romney, but also exposed the bigotry of some in the media, with their absurd and unhinged rants accusing nearly everyone of racism, but in particular anyone who may have used supposed code words such as "welfare," "food stamps," "golf," and any reference to "Chicago."  

But underlying this is the assumption that all conservatives are in fact racists, homophobes, extremists, and bigots.  This portrait is painted with the broad brush of indictment against nearly half of the American population who self-identify as conservative.  The purveyors of vitriol on the left do not care to find out or get to know who conservatives are and why the concept of individual freedom and the tenets contained within the founding documents are so important.  All that matters is that these beliefs stand in stark contrast and are an impediment to an omnipotent central government controlled by the left.

Thus, the farmer in Iowa, the small business owner in Texas, the coal miner in West Virginia, the housewife and mother in Colorado, the self-employed truck driver in Ohio, and the retiree in Florida, all of whom believe in the Constitution, free markets, and limited government, are branded as incorrigible bigots and extremists regardless of who they are or their backgrounds.  

So, to Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, and others at NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN; to Charles Blow, Maureen Dowd, and the editorial board of the New York Times as well as the Washington Post, among others; to Ellen Barkin, Cher, Samuel L. Jackson, and the rest of the liberal entertainment community; and finally to David Axelrod, Barack Obama, and all the sycophants on the left -- this racist, homophobe, and deranged right-wing fascist, who deserves to be executed, has few things to say to you.

When all of you were of the age to play with toy trains and Barbie dolls while surrounded by your family, I was alone on the streets of a totally destroyed city somewhere in Central Europe after World War II, trying to survive in a never-ending search for food and shelter.  This was a war fomented by the National Socialist movement in Europe -- the same ideology I have been accused of harboring.

When all of you were of the age to be with your childhood friends and off to grammar school, I was sailing to a strange country across a roiling Atlantic Ocean, alone and without a name, a passport, or any papers -- to a nation whose language I did not speak, as I ventured into an unknown future.  I was taken in by a country founded on the proposition that all men are created equal and that certain inalienable rights came from God and not man or government.  I have tasted the bitter fruit that is the harvest of omnipotent government and dictatorial leadership, and I will do all I can to prevent this nation from going down that road.  According to many of you, that makes me a deranged right-wing extremist.

When all of you were of the age to begin your freshman year in college, I was at the Lincoln Memorial listening to Martin Luther King deliver his "I have a dream" speech.  I flunked out of college that year as I chose to travel to Alabama and Virginia to participate in civil rights marches and voter registration drives.  I was determined that all of my fellow citizens be in fact equal; for that, I am now called a racist and bigot because I disagree with Barack Obama and left-wing orthodoxy.

Unlike the left and much of the media, I do not presume to speak for all on the conservative side of the political spectrum.  But this I know, based on my many travels throughout the country over the past fifty-plus years: the overwhelming majority are not racists, bigots, or extremists.  Rather, they are motivated by taking care of their families and love of country, as well as a determination to keep faith with those tenets established centuries ago that made this the most successful and unique society in the history of mankind.  

Apparently those in the progressive movement cannot win the hearts and minds of a significant majority of the American people by honestly espousing their all-powerful central government philosophy.  Thus the retreat to the first refuge of scoundrels: childish name-calling, threats, and intimidation.  As the Democratic Convention is set to re-nominate Barack Obama, the nation will see firsthand the political tactics of the left and some in the media as they falsely demonize their opponents and cast all who disagree with them as the worst of humanity.  Little do they realize that this apparent inability to generate an original thought in defense of their philosophy and its attendant failures will result in their making fools of themselves.