The Democrats of 2012: For Israel, Is the Party Over?

As the Democratic National Convention proceeds, watching the degradation of a once-great, once pro-Israel party is as sad as it is alarming.  No doubt, there are still plenty of Israel-defending Democrats among voters and elected leaders.  We all saw the unified bipartisan ovations for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when he addressed Congress.  Pro-Israel Democrats and Republicans alike believe that support for Israel should be bipartisan, and that there is danger in making Israel-support the exclusive property of any one side. But you wouldn't know that from watching the Democrats at their convention, looking at their party platform and their schedule of events and speakers, or, most disturbingly, listening to statements coming out of President Obama's administration while Israel faces existential doomsday.  The party -- certainly the convention -- seems firmly under the control of those ambivalent about, if not outright hostile to, the State of Israel and its...(Read Full Article)