The Audacity of These Dopes

The media is on its knees.  It's the customary position of worship, and worship they do -- Barack Obama -- their chosen "one."

He is the man they told us would halt the rise of the oceans and heal the planet, the man who had game like Lebron, knew more than his advisers, was more brilliant than all brilliance, the smartest man to ever be president, the winner of a Nobel Prize and 2 Grammy awards, who was like Lincoln, then FDR, then JFK, then Reagan, the man who would make America loved and respected the world over, the man who would balance the budget and usher in a new era of racial tolerance -- no white America or black America, one America -- the man who would get us out of our cars and break our dependency on foreign oil, who would change the economy into a green energy powerhouse, the man who would solve all the ills of all the world, the man who would change everything.  He was new, he was different.  He was better than the common man; he was more than us; he was like a god.

Three and a half years later, the only thing Barack Obama has improved is his golf game.  For the media, when their messiah is 0 for a zillion, what can they do?  It's too late to quit.  They are all in.  They have to double down.

Mitt Romney makes a comment about how 47% of Americans are "dependent" on government handouts, and the media is outraged that he would tell the truth. 

The rest of America is outraged that the figure is 47%.

This is why Americans cannot believe the media message that the president is winning.  The press has to pretend, and they will, right up until November 6, when he will lose in a landslide.

Strip away the Obama myth, and what are you left with?  You are left with a man who is nothing more than an illusion.  There never was and never will be a Barack Obama, because he is not real. 

The man reading from the teleprompter is nothing more than the sum total of the audacious hopes and dreams of delusional progressives -- touted endlessly by a submissive press.

He is Mike Tyson, just before Buster Douglas knocked him face-forward to the canvas, where he floundered, spitting out his mouthpiece -- powerless, a victim of his own hubris. 

Before that, he was invincible; no one would ever beat him; no one could ever beat him; he was the best ever, and the best that would ever be.

Well...sprawled out on the canvas, he wasn't so tough anymore.  And he never redeemed himself from that first loss.  He became a mere mortal.  While undefeated, he was larger than life, a god -- when he became man, he seemed so small.

He burst on the scene as a 5' 7" animal who took apart every opponent.  The more fights he won, the bigger he was -- 5' 8", then 5'10".  By the time he lost to Douglas, they told us he was 6' tall. 

You see, that's the problem with the media; they are supposed to be observers, impartial.  But as observers and not participants -- they don't "do" -- it is easy for them to become captive of those who do "do."  Impartiality fades, soon becoming something they fake and no longer a job requirement.

Just as Mike Tyson grew in stature with every win, so did Barack Obama with every speech.  At least with Tyson, when he was shown to be less than what he actually was, the press turned.

With Barack Obama, who has not done a single thing correctly since winning the election, no failure is acknowledged.  In fact, every blatant failure is held up to a non-attentive America as resounding success.

Just look at recent events.  The Libyans warned American officials.  Yet the Obama administration did not assign any Marines to protect our ambassador and the three members of his staff also killed in Benghazi.  No...their security was provided by Libyan locals, untrained and certainly unmotivated. 

When it hit the fan, they fled, either because they were in collusion with the attackers, or they were terrified.

There is no finer fighting man on this earth than an American soldier.  Twenty Marines -- each and every one a volunteer -- would have been more than a match for a thousand Libyans.  And if by chance, they were not, they would have given their lives protecting the ambassador. 

In any case, we will never know because they weren't there, apparently because Barack Obama didn't want to insult the Libyans with an American presence. 

Imagine: an American president thinking the presence of Americans is insulting.

This should be a huge story -- and would be with any other president.  Yet the narrative pushed by the media was that Mitt Romney's denunciation of the Cairo Embassy's statement of apology, issued just before the attack in Egypt, showed him to be unfit to lead.  It wasn't about the assassination of an American ambassador at our consulate in Benghazi, the first since 1979.

Four Americans lost their lives in coordinated attacks, on the anniversary of radical Islam's greatest triumph, one of them an American ambassador, who reportedly was sodomized by his attackers before being killed.

...And this unlucky quartet was left virtually unprotected, in a war zone, by this administration. 

...And it took Obama most of a day to renounce the apology. 

...And after denouncing the video and the violence, he immediately jumped on his plane to Vegas to raise campaign cash (too bad what goes to Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas).

...And since then, despite attacks on our embassies all over the world, spokesmen for the administration want us to believe that it's not about a failure in policy -- or that they don't like us -- no one could dislike Obama, after all.  It is about a low-rent YouTube video made months ago that few people 'til recently had even seen.

...And the administration asks Google, owner of YouTube, to take down the video and has the maker of the video brought in for "questioning."  First Amendment...what First Amendment?  We don't need no stinking First Amendment rights in Barack Obama's America. 

Yet...the story is about Mitt -- the audacity of these dopes.

You see they are desperate.  The reality of Barack Obama has brought them to their knees.  If he loses in November, the mainstream media will be shown for what they are -- shills for what they wanted and pretended to be true, and not tellers of truth. 

What is left for them when there is no more Barack? 

Will anyone take seriously the relentless attacks on President Romney they will be sure to prosecute?  No one but the most committed progressive will ever believe a word they say again, especially after they not only gave Barack Obama a free ride for all of his years in office, but unconvincingly attempted to redefine his every failure as success.

There was a time when the mainstream media dictated the conversation while hiding behind the veneer of impartiality, and Americans deferred to their wisdom.  And despite having always been partial, at least in the past they made some pretense of neutrality. 

A defeat for Barack is a defeat for them.  No longer will they be the exalted press -- the arbiter of truth and justice.  After the debacle that is Barack Obama, they will be seen for what they are: publicity agents for progressivism.

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