Socially Acceptable Hatred

All the liberal Jews I talk to seem to believe that the age of anti-Semitism is over. That is often true, in countries that have mature, democratic political systems. The United States, which all good liberals learn to sneer at, has the single most mature political system in the world -- 230 years of a solid Constitution, which liberals don't much like.

Most of the world lacks a mature, time-tested and tolerant political system. Even the European Union is governed by an unelected ruling class today.

So the United States is the world home of political tolerance today. No other major country (except maybe Switzerland) has had that kind of stability and tolerance for 230 years. Naturally, the left has decided to import hundreds of thousands of the least tolerant people in the world today, so that today in London there are cases of children being sacrificed in witchcraft ceremonies; and there are cases of home-grown Muslim terrorists bombing civilian targets like the London Underground. Britain has now turned itself into a fearsome Big Brother state, with tens of thousands of CCTV cameras all over the cities. They put video cameras in garbage cans over there.

Jewish liberals are just as ignorant of history and politics as all the other liberals you know.

Vast deserts of political ignorance makes liberalism possible.

Liberal Jews love the tolerance they enjoy in this country, and they often harbor a nasty case of guilt and anger against orthodox Jews, who don't assimilate the way liberals do.

Liberalism is a species of mental conformity.  It makes thinking unnecessary.

Thinking is scary.

All you need to do is believe the 24/7 media, and you feel like a member of the herd.  The herd protects.  At least, it protects until it turns against you.  The biggest fear of herd cattle is that crucial moment when the herd looks for a new scapegoat.

All the socially acceptable race hatred today is on the Left and in the Muslim world.  I will repeat that, because it's the biggest point of denial among liberal Jews and liberal Christians.  If you want to hear really dumb criticism of Jews and Israel, go to your nearest liberal Christian, who is really just a secular socialist.  Just try it as an experiment.

It's the very leftists who shout the loudest about love of humanity who also harbor a very nasty case of the hatreds. They hate Christians for not accepting the gay political agenda. They hate Jews who are "neo-conservatives." They hate "fundamentalists" except if they are Muslims. They hate, hate, hate, because on the left, hating has become good again. It shows how much you really care.

If you doubt that, just watch the Occupy kids and the phony anarchists rioting in black KKK outfits.

Changing the color of your KKK outfit from white to black does not make you a good human being. On the contrary. It's just the same-old, same-old, another body tent that hides your individual identity and therefore allows you to smash a store window with a big rock. Welcome to the psychology of mob violence. Wearing black all over is just like wearing white all over.

Today, ethnic hatred is encouraged among the "protected victim classes" -- there is black anti-Semitism in Jerry Wright and his good bud Louis Farrakhan; there is a huge oil-fueled web campaign of Muslim anti-Semitism, going back to Mohammed's genocide of the Jewish tribe of the Khureishi when they refused to convert to his new religion; there is a multibillion dollar hate campaign against Israel in countries like Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia; and oddest of all, there are tons of left-wing Jews who really, really hate Israel, like Noam Chomsky.

I've talked with liberal Jews who have never heard of all that. They can't bring themselves to Google, which carries daily translations of hate speech straight from the gates of hell. MEMRI (sounds like "Memory") is for anybody who wants to be informed today, when political hate speech has gone global, right along with Google. MEMRI also covers the heroic moderates of the Muslim world, who are even braver today, because they have to live with Obama's "Arab Spring." tries to cover the good and the bad.

Nazi propaganda is alive and well today, and with mass media on the web, it's streaming bigger than ever. There are people who fall for it, because even nice people cannot resist the 24/7 tide of canned hatred they hear in countries like Egypt, Saudi, and Iran. They are drowned in hate speech, just like North Korean peasants are as they stoop in the rice paddies.

Jews who forget are out of touch with reality. They are blocking out today's scary truths. I know some Jews who tell me they never read the news because it's too upsetting. So they choose a life of ignorance.

What's even worse, liberal Jews have happily voted for the racial spoils system that now governs America (and Europe), where victim groups get special privileges in jobs, education, and government goodies. Blacks get special privileges, women do, gays do, liberals do especially, and Muslims do, too. The dreaded quota system from Tsarist times is back, and liberal Jews voted for it.

Nobody reminds liberals of the obvious fact that devout Muslims who attend Friday mosque  get their week sermons by Wahhabi imams trained by the Saudis to peddle the most radical Muslim line available, on the Sunni side of the street.  Many liberals Jews are so ignorant that they even don't know that old game of ethnic musical chairs: Once you start playing the ethnic Russians against the Poles, the Catholics against the Orthodox, you also start playing the Muslims against the Jews. It's the same formula for any demagogue. They don't care who plays the scapegoat. All they care about is having a good one to beat up on. Basic mob politics.

Once you start playing musical chairs with race and ethnicity, somebody is always left standing when the music stops. At some point there aren't enough chairs left. Gee, I'm sorry about that. I guess you're the goat today!

Those are the Jews who forget. Like Monica's Lewinski's rabbi, who gave the final invocation for the Democrats who booed God and Jerusalem the day before.  Because hating religious Christians is okay today.  On the left it's encouraged just like the Dixiecrats used to encourage and justify race hatred against blacks. The color doesn't matter. It's the hate industry that does the job.

Liberals want to worship a messianic figure like Obama because like infants they put their trust in Princes. There is a Biblical wisdom literature that anybody can learn from, even atheists, because wisdom is wisdom. "Put not your trust in Princes" is a very wise and practical saying.  There are Chinese wisdom sayings and Buddhist ones that are celebrated by liberals, which is fine. It's just odd that they ignore the vast number Western and Biblical wisdom sayings, because traditional religion is now bad. Except for the "religion of peace" of course.

Liberal Jews have shifted their faith to secular socialism. It's as simple as that. In that process they've lost track of their own wisdom literature, which warns against demagogues like Obama and the rest.

We know that secular socialism can flip on a dime. Socialism turned into National Socialism in fascist Italy and in Nazi Germany. Hitler preferred to recruit Marxists, because he could see they made good Nazis.

       After World War II, socialists used to despise divide and conquer by race and ethnic identity.  But today we have Third World Socialism (Obama's kind), which celebrates revenge against imperialistic whites.  Now we celebrate diversity -- meaning racial, gender, and sexual divide and conquer,  and racial revenge is back, just like Hitler used to cook up.

Racial revenge talk is what keeps Jerry Wright and the other Chicago demagogues rolling in the dough. Just listen to their words. It's not a mystery, except to liberals who tune them out, because Chicago race-baiters have to be Good People. You have to understand their rage.

Liberal belief is a very odd thing.

Conservatives tend to pursue reality wherever it leads, even if it shows some pretty bad things about some people. Conservatives can keep track of the bad guys, even when they change their hats. Liberals can't figure it out. They are the useful idiots, as Vladimir Lenin said, because they yearn to believe. They are sucker bait. Con artists can spot them at a glance.

Conservatives can tell the difference between Christians who support Israel and who love tolerance, and those who can be seduced by the nasties. Devout Christians have better things to do with their lives than follow some mad totalitarian creed. Traditional religion is in fact a great protection against totalitarian ideologies, which is why Vladimir Putin now makes a big thing out of being photographed kneeling down with the Patriarch of Moscow.  The Russian Orthodox survived 70 years of Soviet persecution and they are still a force in that culture. All the traditional religions have survived persecution.  They know how.

In Nazi Germany, some of Hitler's biggest opponents and victims were Catholic priests and Lutheran clerics, as well as Jewish rabbis.

Liberal Jews don't know that either. They foolishly believe the Nazi swastika was a Christian symbol. It's an Aryan symbol from India, and it was flipped around by the Nazis to make it their own. The Nazis were not Christians -- although there were plenty of professed Christians who joined the Nazis, contrary to their creed. Mussolini did not persecute Jews in the early days, because after all, Jews look just like Italians. Mussolini did not turn against Italian Jews until Hitler actually invaded Italy.

Jewish ignorance about the Nazi period is astonishing. It is only exceeded by contemporary ignorance about the Muslim hate propaganda industry that's right at  your finger tips. (It's translated free of charge every day by

Liberalism is a defense against reality.

That's why liberals are such useful idiots. Jewish liberals like Noam Chomsky can be intelligent in one part of life and abysmally ignorant in another part. They wear ideological blinders.

Holocaust survivors had one big message for the world:

 Never Forget!

Their liberal children have a different slogan:

Always Forget!

It feels much better that way!

Somewhere in the universe the nasties are having a big laugh.

After all, Saul Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, the personification of evil. 

It's right there in front of our eyes.

Liberals can't look. It's their biggest problem.

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