Republicans Will Win because We Know What's at Stake

The Romney election team has decided the most effective course to re-election is through centrist voters.  They have chosen to contrast  Romney's effectiveness versus the nation's disappointed hopes in Obama. That may be the right approach to win the small handful of swing voters.  But that isn't why we will win this election. 

We will win because conservatives know what is at stake and we know we can't afford to lose.  That is why the Tea Party base is going to work their butts off to get out the vote.  That is how we took back the House in 2010.  It is how Ted Cruz won the Senate nomination in Texas, though he started out 2% in the polls.  It is how a career politician like Richard Lugar was replaced by Richard Mourdock in Indiana.  It is why Paul Ryan has generated more enthusiasm than Romney.  It is why we have elected a younger generation of stunningly excellent deficit-hawk governors whom conservative voters are jazzed about.

The Republican establishment, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and self-promoting light-weights don't want the public to be informed about who Obama is.  It is too creepy and too awful.  Few people are willing to say those hard truths about our first black president.  It isn't nice.  It doesn't make you look moderate. 

Thanks to the politicized mainstream media misrepresenting the real Obama, he has a strong shot at re-election.  They know that the more people learn about Obama, the more he is a turn-off.  So they have made sure the majority of voters don't know.  They have made sure people are afraid of being labeled racist even for listening to the information that is available.

Happily, even added all together, the old opinion-makers don't have the monopoly on the public sphere, not any more.  Democrats succeed in blinding their own side.    But they haven't blinded our side. The unintended result: only our side is charged up.

Even if Obama supporters are ignorant of who he is, the facts are still real.  The effects of Obama's destructive leadership are all around us, and it is a bitter pill.   Their side is glum and dispirited.  They are out of work.  In fact, his core supporters -- the young, single women, blacks, Hispanics -- are suffering the most from Obama's attacks on our economy.  When he prints money like confetti and blocks energy development, they are the ones who are paying inflated prices for gas.  They don't know or accept that Obama is wrecking our economy on purpose, but they are struggling to get through each day and each week, and it doesn't make for enthusiastic voters.

The Romney election team has only hinted at the profound choice before our citizens.  Every speaker at the convention described how the American Dream was realized in their family.  They joked about Obama's 'you didn't build that' slip.  But they didn't spell out the contrast: Obama, and his progressive cheerleaders, do not believe in the American Dream.  The American Dream is open to everyone, as Condoleezza Rice, Artur Davis and Mia Love testified, but it creates winners and losers.  To Obama, that's bad.  He doesn't understand that being in a land of opportunity lifts everyone up, creating a level of prosperity even for our poor, and a generous social safety net for our old and incapacitated. 

Our president thinks our country is deeply flawed.  His basic understanding of how things work is that the rich profit by keeping  poor folks down.  His sense of fairness demands government redress the balance.   He knows how to play on fears of racism, on resentment of the rich, on people's desire to think someone else will pay for everything they want.  He wants to tear our country apart and tear us down, in order to rebuild us as a low-level egalitarian society, robbed of growth and dynamism but more 'fair.' He is succeeding very well in reducing us to a mediocre country, short on work, short on hope, but rich in resentment.

In a 2001 interview,  Obama is on tape saying that our very Constitution has a tragic flaw.  He criticizes the American Constitution because it protects freedom and limits government in the Bill of Rights, and doesn't go on to redistribute wealth.  Obama rejects our forefathers' special genius in limiting the abuse of government power and protecting individual autonomy.   He sees limits on government as a failure of justice and a tragedy.  When he was running for president, he didn't tell voters that the change he believed in is what he calls 'redistributive change.'  As Obama explains our Constitution:

If you look at the victories and failures of the civil rights movement and its litigation strategy in the court. ... the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society. .... It didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution... Says what the Federal government can't do to you, but doesn't say what the Federal government or State government must do on your behalf, and that hasn't shifted and one of the, I think, tragedies of the civil rights movement was ... there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change. In some ways we still suffer from that.

Obama is criticizing Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement for only fighting for equality under the Constitution, instead of challenging the Constitution for not dictating 'redistribution of wealth.'  He, Obama, community organizer, understands the political "coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change." 

Obama understands very well that if he was honest with the public about his background, his values and his goals, he would not win an election for dogcatcher.  So he has lied and hid, with the help of a politicized media, and he has cowed the Republican establishment into silence with threats of being labeled racist.

It worked in 2008, but it won't work in 2012.  The number of conservatives who understand our president has grown to the tipping point.  We're not intimidated by nasty name-calling.  We know our principles are above reproach. 

We feel deep in our hearts and souls that this election is not your normal Democrat versus Republican.  Our choice is between capitalistic freedom and socialist tyranny, between economic expansion and economic decline, between the America we love and a down-sized America, punished for her hubris of being great.  The Tea Party wing knows this.  We feel the call of history, to stand up and get out the vote, or lose our country.  We are fighting for our lives.

The Democrat voters I speak to don't know anything is at stake.  In their partisan zeal, they have refused to inform themselves about Barack Hussein Obama.  They don't have a clue and they don't want to have a clue.  When I asked one friend what he sees at stake, he starts mumbling about education.  Another says only a Washington or a Lincoln makes a historical impact.  They don't realize, and will never admit, they elected a negative Washington/Lincoln who is leading us away from freedom.

When one side realizes they are fighting for their lives and their country, and the other side thinks Obama is a nice, middle-of-the-road guy handed a hard problem, who will win?  If one side is fighting for freedom from government intrusion and the other side is fighting for free contraception, who will win?  When one side is fighting for their children's future and the other side is living "their 20s in their childhood bedrooms staring up at fading Obama posters," who will win?  When one side is fighting for rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the other side thinks Obama is cool, who will win?

We know the Republican establishment was complicit in the long term decay of limited government that culminated in Obama.  We also understand that Obama is beyond the norm of big spending politicians of either party.  We know who he is and we are very afraid. 

We have Dinesh D'Souza's hard hitting film, 2016: Obama's America.  It has grossed almost 30 million dollars in 61 days at over 2000 movie theatres, making it the number three movie in America.  2016 had the highest per-theater average among the top twelve movies on the North American box-office chart.  Obama's memoir is no longer the pages of a book few bothered to read -- in the movie you hear Obama reading his own words, hear Obama's own voice.  We can see the images of the places and people who shaped his political beliefs.

After this movie, millions of people will not just be voting, they will be working against Obama with everything they've got.  No one from our side can see this film and not be galvanized to action.

We have American Thinker and all the other conservative new media to help us understand the scope of the problem.  We have the Tea Party to solve it.  We have Freedomworks' amazing get-out-the vote efforts.  Thanks to the internet, voters in red states who have no local opportunities to make a difference  can click onto and volunteer to do phone banking in a crucial swing state.  The Tea Party in my small western town has volunteered to help get Josh Mandel elected in Ohio.  We will help Romney win Ohio, while assuring a conservative Senate that will set limits on whoever is president.  Technology is extending our political reach. 

Democrats will continue to be ignorant, depressed and demoralized.  They think the issue is a war on women.  We know it is Obama's war on America.

Conservatives know what we are fighting, and we will fight with all our strength, all our resources, all our hearts and our minds.  That is why we will win.