Rarely Has an International Crisis Been More Predictable

Rarely has an international crisis and potential for a regional conflict been more predicable than what the world is witnessing in the Middle East and North Africa.  The naiveté, ignorance and narcissism of Barack Obama coupled with his and other world leaders' despicable deference to radical Islam has eventuated in creating the Balkans of the 21st Century, whose counterpart in 1914 became the tinderbox that enflamed the globe as World War I; a war whose consequences are still felt to this day.

Barack Obama, determined to become the Muslim world's best friend, has instead unleashed the dogs of war in the Middle East.  He has actively backed the overthrow of various governments in the vain and naïve hope that the extreme radical element of Islam would not step into the resultant leadership vacuum. He has essentially told Iran, that they are free to develop nuclear weapons and to meddle in the affairs of Lebanon, Syria and whatever country they choose with no consequences.  He has given Hamas and the Palestinian Authority a green light to confront Israel, as U.S. policy is now to browbeat and intimidate the Israelis to accept any agreement while demanding their acquiescence to Iranian nuclear capability.  He has willfully created a power and influence void into which Russia has now stepped.

Barack Obama has signaled, by his numerous apologies and adolescent groveling, that the United States is no longer engaged and is willing to be deferential to all the nations of the region regardless of their potential threat to America or the West, including Israel now essentially isolated and alone.  

In his Cairo speech in 2009, Obama shamelessly blamed the West for all the problems with Islam and never once used the words; terrorism, terrorist, war on terror or radical Islam.  Earlier in the same year he met secretly with the Muslim Brotherhood, the progenitor of Hamas and Al Qaeda, thus legitimizing them with a wink and a nod.

Once the riots in 2011 began in Egypt and other North African countries, regardless of what may have triggered them, the Islamists knew they had nothing to fear from the United States as the American president and his administration had made no meaningful overtures to the true democratic elements in those countries that were governed by dictatorial rulers friendly to the interests of the United States.  Obama chose instead to appeal to the radical element believing that by the sheer force of his personality and persuasion the Islamists would change their spots. 

While playing the game with Washington, the radicals knew if they could get the population into the streets they could exacerbate the situation to their advantage. Today in Egypt what began as student and middle class demonstrations in the spring of 2011 has evolved into a government dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  

With Obama's determination to rid Libya of Muammar Gaddafi, without any potential moderate leadership waiting in the wings, he has provided a potential sanctuary for Al Qaeda and unleashed ancient tribal animosity.

Not only have the most radical elements of Islam now found homes other than in the mountains and caves of Afghanistan, Israel is surrounded by: Lebanon and Hezb'allah, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, and Syria dominated by the Iranian Islamists. All whose sole mission in life is to destroy Israel, impose sharia law throughout the region, and re-institute the old Muslim Caliphate.  Their motivation is based on religious fanaticism, the most dangerous driver of human behavior. 

To anyone who paid attention to this region and the virulent spread of radical Islam, their infiltration into Europe and the attacks on the United States, this potential outcome was self-evident.  Barack Obama and other leaders in the West refused to believe the worst could happen, a belief that still motivates the American president.  This was the same mindset which permeated the psyche of Neville Chamberlain and other politicians in Western Europe in the 1930's, as they refused to believe the Nazis were who they said they were.

Had Obama bothered to study history, he would have also realized that the overthrow of governments in nations without a long-term tradition of democracy has resulted a prolonged periods of upheaval and violence.  That scenario has been repeated throughout the twentieth century from the initial Russian Revolution in 1917, which eventuated in the communist takeover and the death of untold millions throughout the world, to the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which opened the door to the current despotic theocracy in Iran, the modern day wellhead of today's radical Islamic movement.

Far more than those European leaders in the 1930's who were guilty only of naiveté, the ego and narcissism of a national leader imbued with a messianic mindset determined to change his country and the world is a threat in a dangerous and unstable world.  In Barack Obama the people of the United States elected as president, and by default the leader of the free world, such a person.  

He has revealed this mindset by his inability to accept any responsibility during the entire term of his presidency for the outcome of his policies and actions either domestic or foreign. This chronic character flaw has eventuated in Obama's latest obeisance to the radical Islamists. He has unleashed the police power of the state on the producer of a film conveniently and falsely blamed for the violence in the Muslim world, as if this obscure person had committed a crime for exercising his free speech rights.  All this in an attempt to place blame elsewhere and placate a mob who will be further emboldened by this contemptible sign of weakness.  That this is reminiscent of those actions expected in a nation controlled by despots is immaterial, as Barack Obama has, in his mind, a destiny to fulfill.

There will be a violent conflict in the Middle East.  It is only a matter of time.  The only question that remains is whether it will spread beyond the confines of the region. When the history of these times is written, Barack Obama will have heaped upon his shoulders a lion's share of the responsibility for the death and destruction certain to occur.

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