Libya and Egypt: Fool Me Twice

There's an old saying:

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

George W. Bush was pilloried by the media and Democrats (including Obama) for not foreseeing the lack of gratitude by the Iraqis who had been oppressed by Saddam and the time it would take to get Iraq to be responsible for itself.  Bush's crime was not being omniscient and knowing the mind of the Muslim world perfectly.

But now we see that Obama has committed the same mistake -- and worse, that he has been fooled at least twice.

After Obama's attacks on Bush, he should have known that merely "liberating" a Muslim country is not enough.  Rather, follow-through is needed to ensure that the end state of the country after the Arab Spring isn't worse than how it started -- for both the U.S. and the locals.

Even ignoring the fact that prior to Obama's actions, Libya was not a threat to the U.S. and Egypt was an ally, Obama has committed a far worse version of Bush's mistake.

When Iraq fell, it became obvious that more would be needed to keep Iraq free and friendly.  As a result, Bush went out on a political limb and did what was necessary to ensure that Iraq would end up better off -- and a friend of America to boot.

When Libya fell, Obama completely ignored the lessons of the Iraq war and just walked away.  He did nothing meaningful to ensure that a truly pro-Democracy, pro-American government would be established. 

Similarly, after Obama helped overthrow the friendly government of Egypt, he seemed completely comfortable with the new government even though it was run by people long associated with a violent terrorist organization.  When the Egyptian military tried to moderate the extremism of the new Egyptian government,  a government that won't protect Christians and wishes to see Israel disappear, Obama let them hang out to dry

Shame on Obama then for repeating the mistake he so vociferously condemned Bush for -- not just once, but twice.

Similarly, Obama apparently had no realization that there might be a threat in Libya, even though there had been a recent attempt on the life of the British ambassador to that land.  It appears that our ambassador to Libya was protected by Libyans, not Americans.  Can you imagine Bush leaving the ambassador to Iraq guarded by locals at any time, much less on 9/11 in 2004?

President Obama should have known that there would be enough radicals in the country to present a risk to Americans.

Ronald Reagan made the same mistake, which led to the bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon.  Of course, back then, terrorism was new, and we can understand why Reagan didn't see a massive suicide attack in Beirut coming.  But Obama has made the same mistake of thinking a recently war-torn Muslim country is "safe" after decades of experience with the true nature of Muslim extremism.

Obama's administration is still clueless about the nature of what is going on in Libya, as witnessed by this comment from Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

Today many Americans are asking, indeed I asked myself, 'How could this happen? How could this happen in a country we helped liberate? In a city we helped save from destruction?'

George W. Bush, had he been irresponsible, could have said the same thing about the situation in Iraq.  If he had done so, both Hillary and Obama would have viscously attacked him for his stupidity and lack of planning.  The situation in Libya is a direct result of the Obama administration repeating the same mistakes they have condemned Republicans for.  But unlike Republicans, who were in new situations, the Obama administration has repeated mistakes because its people have ignored recent history.

Shame on Obama for being fooled twice in thinking that the terrorists in Libya and Egypt presented no threat.  Obama should have learned from Reagan's mistake.  Instead, Obama made the same mistake, but this time the mistake was made after decades of experience with Muslim terrorism and full knowledge that extremist groups were operating at will in a chaotic Libya -- a Libya whose chaos was due to Obama's mishandling the country after it was "liberated."

Obama is clearly at fault for ignoring the hard won lessons of Beirut and Iraq.  By replacing America's knowledge of the ingratitude of Muslim extremists with Obama's own fuzzy love for all things Muslim, Obama laid the groundwork for the spectacle of an innocent American ambassador's body being dragged through the streets in a country he "liberated."

And shame on Republicans if they let Obama and his MSM minions switch the discussion to the "evil" of Romney criticizing Obama on foreign policy -- the same Obama who constantly attacked Bush on foreign policy.  Americans need to know that the death of Ambassador Stevens was a direct result of Obama repeating the same mistake for which he mercilessly condemned President Bush. 

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