In a Kindness Competition, Romney Wins over Obama by a Landslide

The highlights of the last day of the convention, for me, were the ordinary people who spoke of the impact of Mitt Romney in their lives.  I wish these speeches had been prime-time, and that every wavering voter could see them.  This is what kindness looks like.  This is the supposedly uncaring, greedy, rich bastard in action. Grant Bennett, a fellow volunteer pastor at the Romney's Massachusetts church, explained that while building his business and earning his millions and raising five boys, Romney volunteered two evenings a week and every weekend -- ten, fifteen, twenty hours a week -- in acts of personal service and pastoral counseling.  He met with those seeking help with the burdens of real life...unemployment, sickness, financial distress,  loneliness...single mothers raising children, couples with marital problems, youths with addictions, immigrants...individuals whose heat had been shut off.  Typical of Mitt Romney, he let others give the...(Read Full Article)