How the Financial Collapse Would Happen in an Obama Second Term

The stakes in the coming election could not be higher.  While crystal ball-gazing always is hazardous, the trail America's economy would follow, should President Obama's re-election effort succeed, has already been blazed.  Naturally, the media will tell you none of this. The upcoming election, despite the best efforts of the Obama campaign, the mainstream media, and various polling firms, is going to revolve around two questions: are you better off than you were four ago, and what is the future going to be if Barack Obama is re-elected?  The Obama team is attempting to finesse the first question by obfuscating the second.  They claim that their policies have begun to work, and, given a second term, life would redeem the promises Obama made in 2008. A discussion centered on what the future will bring can be confusing and arcane.  The Democrats rely on an emotional argument tied into the cult of personality surrounding Barack Obama, essentially stating that...(Read Full Article)