DOD Should Not Ban Book on Bin Laden Raid

The Department of Defense is only increasing the opportunity for success of the upcoming book by "Mark Owen" about the mission to locate and terminate Osama Bin Laden that contravenes the official account. In an effort to ban publication, the DOD has written the author (real name Matt Bissonnette) to inform him of their intent to prosecute for violating his oath to the United States if the book is published.  Past experience demonstrates that the DOD should stay mum on banning the book.  The effort will only enhance Bissonnette's credibility and guarantee healthy book sales. If he is right, then he is right -- yet by violating his oath, he can be prosecuted anyway.  But by attempting to stop publication, the DOD swims into heavy seas swirling with unintended consequences. In 1985, the Brits made the error of banning the publication of the book Spycatcher, by Peter Wright (science officer at MI5, their Security Service) and co-author Paul Greengrass, which claimed that...(Read Full Article)