Colorado Democrat Redistricting May Have Left Opening for Republican Underdog

Democrats in Colorado celebrated a hard-fought victory in late 2011 when a state judge sided with the re-districting map of the recently won Democratic majority statehouse.  Congressional districts that were safely Republican were less so, and competitive Democratic districts became safer. When the smoke cleared, one congressional district, Colorado's 2nd, went from being safely Democratic to almost evenly split between Republican and Democratic voters, with a slight edge to Democrats.  Now the incumbent Democrat congressman from the 2nd congressional district, Jared Polis, has a race on his hands with underdog Republican Kevin Lundberg. And the differences in the positions taken by the two candidates are just as evenly split as the district they hope to represent.  According to his campaign website, Republican Kevin Lundberg calls for cutting federal taxes and fees, limiting the size and scope of government, repealing ObamaCare, enacting tax credits for families who...(Read Full Article)