Can the Democratic Psyops Boost Obama?

If it doesn't pass the smell test, it is probably not true.  We keep being told that Obama is leading, that the race is close at best, that voters have accepted a 'new normal' for unemployment, that the economy is improving, that the price of gas means nothing, that Romney is making fatal gaffes.  We were even told that the 9/11 attacks which left our ambassador to Libya dead made Romney look bad.  Every week is a good week for Obama and a bad week for Romney according to the media.  Now we're told that this week's polls are showing Obama creaming Romney in the swing states. It smells fishy, and it is fishy.  And yet it's getting Republicans depressed.    The moaning and hand wringing is becoming an epidemic.  How can our candidate be so weak?  How can voters be so stupid?  With the economy so bad, we should be winning by a landslide.  Republican pundits like Peggy Noonan and Bill Kristol are turning on our candidate and...(Read Full Article)