Can a New York Celibate Put a Texas Housewife in a Swoon? (Yes, He Can.)

When our middle child was six, she began drawing the most creative pictures I have seen in quite some time.  There was the lady with packages coming up our porch steps, as seen by a squirrel on the electric pole across the sidewalk.  Another picture was of a friend looking cross-eyed at a dragonfly on her nose, from the perspective of our daughter as if she were toe-to-toe with her friend.  We knew it was time to get the child outside more when she started drawing folded clocks.  But for the missing drips, we might have had an innocent Salvador Dalí on our hands! Let's borrow that unique childlike perspective for a moment and consider the last night of the Republican National Convention, if you will join me. Let us fly over the excellent speeches that were not covered by any media outlet, except for C-SPAN.  (Look for videos of these at the C-SPAN website.)  Some of these speeches included personal testimonies that Mitt Romney, although he doesn't call...(Read Full Article)