Akin, the Standard-Bearer

Tuesday, September 25, was the last day U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin (R-MO) could withdraw from the race.  And he isn't going.  So the GOP standard-bearer is Todd Akin; he needs our help, and we need to support him.  Yes, he made a stupid remark, and as a result, what should have been an easy Senate win turned into a hotly contested race.  He apologized profusely, but rather than come to his aid, Republicans of every stripe denounced him and called for his resignation.  This is idiotic.

Despite this widespread trashing, recent polls indicate that Akin may be pulling ahead.

Frankly, I don't care what he said -- no matter how foolish -- because it is not about what he said.  Leftist politicians make infinitely more over-the-top, idiotic, inane, lunatic, and crude remarks every day, without apology, and yet leftists somehow manage to present themselves as unimpeachable arbiters of morality any time they see political advantage against their foes.  No apologies are sufficient!

Inexplicably, we find ourselves carrying their water.  Stupid Republicans.

Akin makes a foolish comment, and immediately the thought police are out for his head.  It is outrageous that we are so self-conscious and browbeaten by the leftist press that we can't see their cynical ploy for what it is.  Instead, we allow them to dictate how we treat our own candidates and how we respond to the kind of gaffes that all politicians make -- never mind the vicious statements emanating from the left every day.

We have so much material to work with!  For example, the blatant, eye-popping examples of Obama's ignorant, impossibly arrogant, tone-deaf public statements that aren't even gaffes -- statements which the media studiously ignores.  What on earth do we have to be defensive about?

Forget his unforgettably ignorant "You didn't build that" comment about American entrepreneurship.  With a straight face he actually called attacks on the Benghazi consulate "bumps in the road."  These "bumps," we don't need to be reminded, resulted in the deaths of four Americans: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, computer technician Sean Smith, and to my mind the much more tragic demise of Navy SEALs Glenn Dougherty and Tyrone Woods -- valiant warriors who voluntarily came to the aid of consulate personnel and made the supreme sacrifice in their defense.  Meanwhile, Iran's Press TV gloats over Obama's statement calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's warnings about Iran "noise."

And where are Republicans on Claire McCaskill?  Do they want to inflict another six years of this corrupt Obama sycophant on hapless Missouri?  Just because Akin said something stupid?  Really?  Why aren't they highlighting just how bad she is?

What gives here?

Actor and conservative activist Kirk Cameron said it best: "I would like to be evaluated by my entire career and my entire life, not two words that I would misspeak and later apologize for."  Congressman Todd Akin has a solid conservative record.  Furthermore, he has been at the forefront of the effort to arm MEDEVAC helicopters, an issue he took up following reports from Michael Yon and two articles that appeared at American Thinker.  These described the unnecessary death of Army specialist Chazray Clark, which put a spotlight on the Army's absurd policy.  Akin has challenged the administration and the Army bureaucracy, who incorrectly believe they have to adhere to the Geneva Convention during a war against terrorists, and keep MEDEVAC helicopters unarmed.

There is no big reward for taking on this fight other than that it may save some lives.  And we are winning it -- or at least we were, until candidate Akin was forced to preoccupy himself with fighting off cries to resign from the Senate race by fellow Republicans.  Disgracefully, the well-being of our men-at-arms takes a backseat to the sensitivities of the PC police, and establishment Republicans lunge at the opportunity to lambast one of their own in hopes of making the U.S. Senate even less conservative-friendly than it already is -- even if it means remaining in the minority.  Conservatives are the reason for the Republican resurgence, because our ideas are what the American people want and need.  Establishment Republicans like us while we are delivering the votes.  They just don't like having to live up to the standards we set.

So while we are twisting in the wind over a single dumb comment, we are denying ourselves a principled conservative -- someone who will fight the unglamorous but necessary battles that all the others ignore.  It is way past time we quit allowing the radical left and their obsequious, squishy Republican friends to determine who our candidates are and by what yardstick they are measured.  They are hypocritical and disingenuous in their criticism -- a tactic the left uses to deflect attention from its indefensible agenda.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.  Go out and support Akin, and if someone challenges that stupid statement he made, ask him about the "bump in the road," America's "57 states," or any one of the long list of other astounding Obama/Biden stupidities.  Ask your challenger if he still supports those idiots.

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