Women Beat Men on IQ Tests for First Time. Why?

American media are excitedly reporting that women are smarter than men, according to IQ tests.  Not equal to men -- supposedly the goal of feminism -- but superior to men. That is quite a jump, and all in a matter of decades.  How could such a thing happen?  After all, biology tells us that genes tend to be stable over generations. An ABC News blog reported: "James Flynn, a New Zealand-based researcher known as an IQ testing expert, said ... that women have closed the gap and even inched ahead in this battle of the intelligent sexes[.] ... Deciding which is the smarter sex is an ever-controversial topic of conversation and scientific research."  But one major aspect of this puzzle is completely clear.  Virtually every teacher agrees that boys have greater trouble with one skill in particular: literacy.  You can find dozens of articles with titles such as: "Research Says Boys More Likely To Have Problems Reading." About.com continues: "The...(Read Full Article)