Those Secretive Mormons (Who Never Shut Up about Their Church)

With NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams and the ABC Nightly News running extensive (by network news standards) reports on Mormonism -- officially The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints -- many conservatives are concerned that Mitt Romney's religion will be used by the media to pry voters from the presumptive Republican nominee. The two reports were mostly positive, with a few exceptions.  One of the odd tendencies of reports on Mormonism (as well other topics) is how outlets heavily feature those who are very atypical of church members or who are no longer members at all.  Think of a Tea Party documentary headlined by David Brooks, Colin Powell, and David Frum.  Do they have comments on the Tea Party?  Yes.  Do they have several connections to the conservative movement?  Sure.  Do they understand or appreciate the essence of the Tea Party?  Certainly not. One such interview was NBC's sit-down with the lovely, polite, and relatively...(Read Full Article)