Their Lives, Their Fortunes, and Their Sacred Honor: Spec Ops Warriors Stand Tall

In yet another instance of what is becoming a steady series of incredibly stupid misfires, the clueless Obama campaign has decided to adopt the tactics of that memorably successful Kerry campaign in dealing with criticism from the nation's military.  Rather than man up and admit that he perhaps went a bit overboard in taking credit for the Osama raid, and that it's entirely possible that his White House has leaked critical intelligence, Obama is taking the same tack as the thoroughly torpedoed Kerry: attack his military critics by calling them dishonorable liars. It didn't work for Kerry, and it's not going to work for the campaign of a man who, unlike the turncoat Kerry, has absolutely no military credentials to link him to veterans -- not even to that minority that leans left.  It most assuredly is not going to work with that much larger group of veterans who tend to vote conservative but will vote for those candidates, regardless of party, who are supportive of the...(Read Full Article)