So Tell Me, How Can I Help?

Glad you asked! Election Day is fast approaching, and if you're not actively involved in helping us win the White House, there is no time like the present.  If you are already involved, please share your thoughts and experiences. Basically, there are two things the campaign needs: money and foot soldiers.  That's us.  Not someone else (like that guy over there). So the first step is to head over the Romney/Ryan campaign website and sign up. As we all know, the election will come down to swing states, where Obama still holds a lead.  Depending on which polls you track, the lead varies, but a lead remains pretty much across the board.  I think Rasmussen is the most reputable polling organization and have linked it here for those who may be interested.  (Please don't spend precious time and energy debunking this.  It serves only as a rationale for premature confidence and an excuse to sit back on imaginary laurels while other folks do the heavy...(Read Full Article)