Romney's Tax Returns: A Test of Leadership

Any sane person living in a country plagued by chronic unemployment, a stagnant economy, and an exploding national debt would question whether the failure of Mitt Romney to release ten years of tax returns should command so much attention during a presidential campaign.  The fact that it does is proof of the ability of the Democrats and their allies in the liberal media to guide the national conversation.  We've seen this before.  Four years ago, while our nation's leaders were holding a secret James Bond-like meeting to discuss the imminent collapse of our financial system, the Democrats and the liberal media felt it was more important to discuss whether Sarah Palin could really see Russia from her back yard. The controversy over Romney's tax returns is a textbook example of this liberal method of attack.  When attacking their opponents, liberals generally ignore a substantive consideration of the issues, preferring instead to focus on insignificant matters that...(Read Full Article)