Fiasco: Islamists purge Egyptian Army

Don't expect our navel-gazing media to take much notice, but our national security has just hit an Arctic iceberg, scraping long rows of steel rivets from our luxury ocean liner, and leaving a long, gaping gash in our bottom.  Thousands of tons of icy seawater are pouring into the ship while you are reading these words, but Washington is too transfixed by the election to take notice.  Until Election Day 2012, Obama's dance band will just keep playing happy tunes on our crazily tilting deck.

Still, the rest of us had better turn our attention to Egypt, where radical Islamists have just conducted a massive Blitzkrieg against the Egyptian Army, police, intelligence apparatus, and now the media.

Those Muslim fascists were put into power a few weeks ago, with the direct aid and support of the Obama administration and Hillary's State Department.  Obama told us that the new dictator of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was a fine human being, and besides that, the Egyptian Army would keep most of the power anyway.  So who cares that the Muslim Brotherhood always wants to wipe out Israel and America?

Reminder: Egypt has been the Arab pillar of peace in the Middle East for the last 30 years, after the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed by Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin.  For making peace with Israel, Sadat was quickly assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood, but his successor Hosni Mubarak kept the peace for three decades -- until Barack Hussein Obama ordered him in the most humiliating way to resign, in public, telling him that "Now means now!"  Mubarak resigned and was put on trial on national television in his hospital bed behind iron jail bars, to rub in the humiliation even more.

Obama's call for Mubarak's downfall started the phony-baloney "Arab Spring," which has now killed tens of thousands of Arabs from Libya to Syria, as radical Islamists are driving out the moderates all over the Arab world.  The "Spring" has killed maybe 50,000 people so far.  Some Spring.  As al-Qaeda just boasted, "[t]hat 'Arab Spring' will become an 'American Winter.'"  They are right.

This is Alinsky-style community organizing for the whole Middle East.  It is what Obama delicately calls an "organic" revolution.  Islamist warmongers have now taken over Egypt.

And if you've forgotten, the equally fanatical Iranian warmongers are now building nuclear warheads for their high-tech missiles.  Egypt will have its own nukes as soon as the Saudis buy them from Pakistan.  The Saudis are run by their own Sunni radicals, and between Qatar and Saudi, the Gulf States practically own Egypt today.  Don't ask about women's right or human rights, because in the Middle East they are back in the 7th century.

If you don't think Islamic fascists are warmongers, you've forgotten Iran's daily chants in all the schools and public rallies: Death to Israel!  Death to America!

That means us, friends.  Plus anybody who doesn't surrender.  Islam means "surrender."  (Not peace.)

Liberals keep telling us that those daily death chants all over Iran are really hard to interpret, but indoctrinated Muslims seem to understand it well enough.  Iran's last war killed a million people, and the ayatollah said it practically killed him to stop it.

Obama's Middle East policy is now headed straight for the bottom.  As we know, the One never admits a mistake, and he will certainly deny this historic fiasco, too.  The media have already started a CYA publicity campaign.

What Titanic?

What iceberg?

What unemployment?

What recession?

What Muslim revenge?

George W. Bush did it.

Why, that Romney-Ryan ticket is full of capitalist racist tax-cheating criminals out to kill women, the middle class, the elderly, your health care, and LGBTs.  And Rep. Allen West beats up on white women.

As George Will put it, our government is now ruled by "unhinged smarminess."

But you knew that already.

So back to reality.

Notice that Obama is following in the footsteps of Jimmy "Crazy Legs" Carter, who brought in the first Islamist reactionary regime in Iran, after shafting our close ally, the modernizing shah of Iran.  The Carter administration lied about the radicalism of Ayatollah Khomeini -- or it lied to itself, which is worse -- and when Khomeini took power, he killed off the opposition, including the shah's army, police, and intelligence services, except for the ones who surrendered.

We've just seen the identical farce play out in Egypt, thanks to Obama.

Oh, and ten years ago it played out, step by step, in Turkey, which is now ruled by a party that celebrates "neo-Ottomanism."

The people of Greece, the Balkans, the Middle East, and North Africa remember the old style of Ottomanism very well, and they are not too happy about the "neo" brand.  That includes the Russians.

NATO surrendered Turkey to neo-Ottomanism, just as Jimmy Carter surrendered Iran to Khomeini-style radicalism, just as Hillary and Barack just surrendered Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Charles Krauthammer just wrote that we are seeing an Islamic ascendancy, but that's a mild way of putting it.  What we are seeing today, over and over again, is Islamofascist appeasement in Europe, the United States, North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria), and in Afghanistan, where Obama is negotiating a humiliating defeat to the Taliban.

Nobody seems to remember that those same Taliban gave Osama bin Laden a safe haven to plot and implement the 9/11/01 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  Bill Clinton knew all that after the 1993 truck bombing of the Twin Towers by the Blind Sheikh, but he just kicked the can down the road to George W. Bush.

George Bush is still being burned in effigy for trying to fix what the Democrats sabotaged during the Clinton years.

It was Karl Marx who said that history always repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.  But he forgot about all the other times, when history repeats itself as profound ignorance, unconquerable arrogance, deliberate sabotage, and dismal stupidity.

Those times are beyond farce.  They are not funny anymore.

Today's fiasco in Egypt will surely come back to haunt us, just as the 9/11 assault saw those chickens coming back to roost.  But Obama's Reverend Jeremiah Wright twisted one little fact: it's not the exercise of American power that comes back to haunt us, but our liberals' cowardice and preemptive surrender.

Don't forget.

The liberal media will do everything in its power to make you forgetful and confused.  They are already working on it.

Don't forget.

You owe it to your country and to the future.

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