Doubling Our Votes

If each of us can flip just one voter to our side we can double the power of our vote on election day. Wait! Don't start rolling your eyes and typing a comment about the impossibility of changing the mind of a liberal or about feeling fed up with anyone who is in the squishy middle. I used to be a liberal.  And a very far-left-leaning one, at that.  But like countless others out there, I woke up and began a journey that has led me to conservatism.  I am proof positive that minds can be changed. The question I often ask myself is how to inspire this kind of transition in others.  Why do some people change while others don't?  Does it take a major event to jolt them awake?  Do some start a slow but steady evolution in their thinking sparked by a tiny seed?  There's probably no single template for how a shift in thinking occurs.  But the point is, it does occur.  And we need to keep those ripples going so we can expand our base, win in...(Read Full Article)