Black and Right: Forgotten Black Conservative, George S. Schuyler

It is a shame and a scandal that the name George Samuel Schuyler has fallen into obscurity.  For roughly half-of-a-century, from the 1920's to his death in the 1970's, Schuyler wrote for several publications, from the iconoclastic H.L. Mencken's American Mercury to the Pittsburg Courier -- the second largest "negro" newspaper in the country.  It was at the Courier that Schuyler served as assistant editor from 1922 to 1964. Though he wrote for popular consumption, Schuyler was remarkably conversant in a wide range of literature.  In his autobiography, Black and Conservative -- which even the black leftist academic Cornel West acknowledges as a "minor" classic in African American letters -- Schuyler relays the laborious efforts he made to read all of Marx's works, for instance.  Indeed, Schuyler was as well read as he was prolific an author.  A distinguished member of the black cognoscenti who tirelessly argued on behalf of the legal and civil equality of...(Read Full Article)