Barack Obama: No Better Friend in the World (to Russia)

Since the dawn of the Cold War, has Russia enjoyed as accommodating a president in Washington as Barack Obama? President Obama has been so serially weak in standing up for the interests of America and our allies -- particularly when confronted by Russian President Vladimir Putin -- that one wonders whether an actual Russian operative in the White House could have achieved anything materially different.   It's not just a couple of worrisome incidents; there is a disturbing litany of acts and policies carried out by Obama that could have been scripted by President Putin and his puppet/placeholder, Dmitry Medvedev. Right away, the Obama administration touted its "Reset" button for relations with Russia.  The underlying conceit was that all those experienced foreign policy hands in the Bush administration could not deal with recidivist Russia as effectively as could Barack Obama, charming novice.  Why dwell on trivialities like Russian poisoning of a pro-American Ukrainian...(Read Full Article)