Aikin, Abortion, and the GOP

A funny thing happened to Joe Biden recently.  There he was, race-baiting merrily, flinging some truly righteous trash, shoveling the outrageous innuendos and implausible smears Democrats make a living trafficking in, and then something happened -- something that he couldn't have foreseen in a million years.  He actually got called on his mud-slinging by members of the mainstream media. A heart of stone would ache for the man.  It is the safest bet in the world that Biden, famously slow to process new information, still hasn't figured out why he was being criticized.  Isn't it straight out of the Democratic playbook to start with a kernel of truth about an opponent's views on economics and go off on a riff, extrapolating wildly and conjuring up an insinuation that Republicans want to bring back slavery?  I mean, why is that wrong?  When did the rules change, and why wasn't poor Joe informed? Biden simply hadn't been paying attention.  When Harry Reid...(Read Full Article)