Will Mississippi Become an Abortion-Free State?

Much like the announcement of a last-minute stay of execution for a convicted murderer/rapist/pedophile, a terrorist who did not have his rights read to him, or any Republican gaffe, the news flashed rapidly across the country this week that the last remaining abortion facility in the State of Mississippi was saved.  Saved from ignorant, anti-choice crusaders who enacted an anti-constitution, woman-hostile new statute, which, if implemented, would set back the cause of women's reproductive health by at least a couple of millennia.  The loving, tolerant, pro-choice, pro-woman crowd breathed a collective sigh of relief as the enforcement of the draconian measure drafted and passed by those stupid Southerners was delayed. The hero of this scenario, U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III, in an innovative Roberts-like display of jurisprudence, ruled that the public comments of supporters of the bill outweigh the actual text of the law.  Judge Jordan, apparently, is...(Read Full Article)