They're Coming for Our Food, One Food Policy Council at a Time

If you live in a sane place where the local government confines its duties to schools, public safety, and pothole repair, it's tempting to congratulate yourself when you read about the recent proposals to ban 17-ounce sodas in Cambridge, MA and New York City. Unfortunately, these seemingly isolated efforts are not merely the work of a few unhinged city councils; the federal government, through ObamaCare and Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign, has been busy extending its tentacles into municipal and state governments, with the goal of imposing restrictions across the country on tobacco use and unhealthy eating.  After all, once the State assumes responsibility for the health care costs of its citizens, doesn't it have the right to tell them how much sugar, fat, and tobacco they can consume?  No one will be outside the coming federal nanny state under ObamaCare (except for those cronies with waivers). Take for example the Cambridge City Council discussion of the policy order...(Read Full Article)