The Outsourcing Dividend for the Poor and Middle Class

I was daydreaming recently about how I would respond to the outsourcing charge were I Mitt Romney.  One thought led to another, and finally to a surprisingly simple but high-impact realization.  For some years I worked for an international management consulting firm that competed from time to time with the consulting arm of Bain.  They were a very effective competitor, and so there was no love lost.  If we are going to make sense out of the outsourcing dust-up, we really need some data.  Now, I don't plan to dig through Bain's history to make some kind of educated assessment of how many jobs were destroyed or created, as if that could even be done in any way that would be acceptable to all parties.  But I do think we can look at this from another perspective, where the implications of the potential data are all that we really need.  Here we go. Have you even been to...well, pick your big box store -- Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc. -- and...(Read Full Article)