The Movie on Health Care That Obama Doesn't Want You to See

It's not a documentary, and it's not by a conservative.  The writer and director is a French-Canadian leftist, or former leftist.  But, among other things, the film is a horrifying and hilarious exposé of health care in Canada.  The film is The Barbarian Invasions by Denys Arcand, and though it did well in the U.S. for a foreign picture, winning the Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film in 2004 and grossing over $25 million, it hasn't been seen by nearly enough people. Barbarian provides a vivid glimpse of what we have in store if President Obama is re-elected in November.  I should perhaps at this point issue the usual "spoiler" caveat, though as it's a film about a man with terminal cancer, there isn't much of a plot to spoil.  Like many good movies, it's the interactions of the characters and the ways in which relationships evolve under stress that make the story interesting. Rémy is dying of an unspecified cancer.  His ex-wife Dominique...(Read Full Article)