Supporting Israel is in America's Best Interest; Can Obama Do It?

In a recent Foreign Policy article, former U.S. diplomat David Aaron Miller astutely states the obvious, predicting a very turbulent period of American-Israeli relations should Barack Obama be re-elected.  The reason for this inevitable trouble, Miller notes, is Obama's own convictions, which are decidedly not pro-Israel and more simpatico with the Palestinians.  This is not news to any reader of The American Thinker, but what is somewhat surprising is that the article has produced little or no push-back or commentary from the left-liberal media, who parrot Obama's claims of pro-Israel bona fides.  The obvious reason for this silence is that just like AT readers, liberal pundits also know that what Miller says is true, but it would not help their man to say so.       So leave it to Foreign Policy's mostly liberal readership to state what Obama and the rest of the left's commentariat are thinking: good riddance.  While the FP comments evince...(Read Full Article)