ObamaCare Is Shovel-Ready for You

I've been gobbling berries like crazy ever since June 28, when Chief Justice John Roberts gifted us ObamaCare.  I figure I'd better fortify my body with antioxidants before they drop all 2,000 pages of Obama's "law" on my head.  But every time I read what's coming, I feel sick. It seems that over in Merrie Olde England, the National Health Service is simultaneously imploding into some kind of fiscal Death Star and terrifying the populace.  If you obsessively read the British papers (I do), you'll know that just last Saturday they informed us that NHS let a 22-year-old hospital patient die of thirst; forgot about a young woman they'd left in a back room on a trolley, who was screaming with pain and bereft of food or water; and let an 18-year-old girl die of infection when the nurses neglected to give her the prescribed antibiotics.  This is one day's news! What gets me is that NHS is the biggest business in England, employing 1.7 million people.  Can't they...(Read Full Article)