Obama of Roanoke: We Saw You Coming

Now that Brit Hume, perhaps the best network anchor of our time, is on record that it's  fair to say that we know more (after the Roanoke speech) than we ever have about the President's view of business and the economy," the real Obama is finally starting to be recognized in the truly mass media. While Mr. Hume and many others have been reticent, Obama of Roanoke has been out there for all to see for years quite frankly.

What might be "fair to say" is that Obama let slip in a momentous way what many of us knew all along about him.

Ayn Rand saw Obama of Roanoke coming way back in the 1950's, before Barry Soetoro was even born.  Ronald Reagan saw him coming in the 60s and 70s -- and was especially prescient on how he would use the medical industry to advance his goals -- even though our current President was but a choom boy "doing some blow" back in the day.

Obama of Roanoke, understand, is not merely a specific person named Barack Hussein Obama.  He is Van Jones.  He is Elizabeth Warren. He is Valerie Jarrett.  He is Steven Chu and Cass Sunstein.  He is Jeremiah Wright and Frank Marshall Davis and Karl Marx and many others.  Obama of Roanoke is not some benign elegant speaker. Obama of Roanoke is a malignant mindset.  His fingerprints are all over the biggest disasters in world history.  For this reason, he was and is utterly predictable long before Friday last.

And many utterly predicted him, though for some reason they are not among the elite pundit wizards of smart or among elected Republicans for the most part.

All through the campaign of 2008 Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Joe the Plumber saw him coming.  Why do you think Rush said "I hope he fails."  The millions who flocked to see "Atlas Shrugged" also saw him.  And here, in early 2009,

I outlined why we were systematically dismembering my business of 20 years -- that I actually did build by the way -- and why I knew instinctively that millions of others would do some iteration of the same thing we were doing.

Why did we do this and how did we know it was the thing to do?  Obama of Roanoke, that's why.  It mattered not at all that he waited until July of 2012 to give the Roanoke speech.  Obama of Roanoke is exactly who he has always been and he has done exactly as many of us expected him to do.  The Roanoke speech was not a contextual problem nor was it an aberration or a teleprompter misprint. 

Roanoke was Obama, and Obama is Roanoke.  As I paraphrased before inauguration, we already had in place plans to avoid those who naively think that "we didn't do that" in our business:

Atlas has shrugged all over the country.  Like many business owners, we are no longer willing to take all of the financial and legal risks and put up with all of the aggravation of owning and running a business. Not with the prospects of even higher taxes, more regulation, more litigation and more emboldened bureaucrats on the horizon.

It is no secret that owners circulated endless emails leading up to election day discussing lay off plans were Obama to win.  Entrepreneurs instinctively understand the danger posed by larger liberal majorities... the risk-reward equation and fierce independence spirit of start up businesses are anathema to the class warfare, equality of outcome and spread the wealth mentality of the left. [...]

We got into business to be independent. We will get out for the same reason.

Now at the time, we had not met folks like Jones and Chu and Sunstein.  It didn't matter.  We knew Obama of Roanoke and we knew exactly what kinds of people would be put in charge of our lives without having to know the specific names. 

And Roanoke may now become synonymous with the moment that others figured this out too.

Yes, history has a way of soft morphing big truths into events or even speeches, and I suspect that the term 'Roanoke' will cease to connote a small town in Virginia populated by Hokie football fans and will instead live throughout this entire campaign and perhaps even have a long life in the annals of Presidential politics as a seminal moment.

It may well be the moment that Mitt Romney and his advisors and the so called conservative pundit class finally had to admit that this particular emperor has not a stitch of proper economic  or even pro American clothing.  It may be the moment where on some level, the elites in Washington and Manhattan had to come out of the closet of ideological denial and join the enlightenment that so many so-called normal average folks had from the get go.

It may well be the moment when the budding momentum by Democrats to shun the Charlotte Convention and to leave Obama there all by himself reached critical mass.  As we saw in 2008 when all Republicans ran against George W. Bush, a party that runs against its own President is a party in deep trouble.  The same was true in 1976 with Carter and Ford (Nixon).

It may also be the moment that the independents and the moderates finally 'got it.' It may be a turning point of realization that their problem is not what Mitt Romney was doing with his money, but is what Obama of Roanoke is intentionally and systematically doing to their dreams to ever earn and keep some of their own money.  It could be the time where they say to themselves "hell yeah, I hope I can one day send my money to the Caymans too!"

And because of Roanoke, I am ironically more confident than I was in January of 2009

Maybe Roanoke will be the term that defines when that "over 50%" tide started to turn.  Maybe it will be the day the beltway Republicans realized that while Obama of Roanoke is many people, but he is not the same old Democrat Party of Tip O'Neil.  It may be the day that Obama's electoral coffin - and the coffins of many other statist liberals, were nailed shut by a rare act of candor.