Obama Keeps on Conning America

My 84-year-old dad has nuggets of wisdom which he forgets he has shared with me numerous times.  One is about deception.  Dad said a snake can swim underwater a very long time, just like a fish.  But eventually, it must come up for air.  Why?  Because it is not a fish -- it is a snake.

Obama deceived millions to win the White House.  All the obvious clues into the true nature of the first black presidential candidate were ignored by the media.  Voters were duped into believing Obama when he presented himself as a moderate, a messiah, "the one we have been waiting for."

Early into his presidency, Obama came up for air, exposing his great deception.  Every day, with unbridled arrogance, the handsome, deceptive beast reveals more and more of his despicable agenda hidden just beneath the surface.

Barack Hussein Obama is not presidential, nor is he a moderate -- far from either, in fact.  This man is a far-left, radical, anti-America, plain-old-Chicago-thug politician.

Obama is the most anti-Christian president in American history.  Phyllis Schlafly brilliantly chronicles Obama's unprecedented attacks on Christianity in her book, No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom.

Despite swearing an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, Obama urinates on our sacred document whenever it hinders the implementation of his vow to "fundamentally transform America."

In short, Obama is a con man.  To win re-election, Obama has unleashed an army of con men and women to deceive voters, yet again, via intimidation, class envy, lies, and a white guilt trip.

Obama and company's despicable white-guilt-trip tactic says, if you do not vote for Obama, you are a racist!

Obama has very little respect for average Americans.  At a private fund-raising event with his liberal homeys, Obama described small-town America as bitter folks who cling to religion and guns and don't like people who do not look like them.  Thus, the president thinks a large segment of Americans is racist.

A further display of Obama's low opinion of Americans is his "give-away-the-farm" campaign to win re-election votes.  Outrageously, almost half the country is on food stamps, and Obama is advertising for more folks to sign up.  Obama is giving away free cell phones.  With a wave of his executive order scepter, King Obama legalized millions of illegal aliens.  His list of handouts and freebies goes on and on.  Obama promises to punish and get even with achievers.  Everything Obama does is designed to seduce voters by appealing to their lowest instincts.  Obama obviously believes that a majority of Americans are lazy and entitlement-minded and that they resent achievers.

As I stated, Obama has unleashed an army of really smart-sounding con artists to intimidate into silence anyone daring to disagree with our imperial dictator and to lay a white-guilt-trip on voters.

A prime example of an Obama con artist is black former NY Times writer and NBC reporter Bob Herbert, who recently made the most absurd and offensive statement. Herbert said, "A majority of whites have never favored equal rights in this country. Never, ever, ever, ever. It's never even been close -- it is a fantasy to talk about the idea of a majority of whites supporting the rights of blacks."  Herbert also said most whites voted for McCain/Palin.  Herbert further implied that all white votes against Obama were racially motivated.

Mr. Herbert, if America is so anti-black, how did you end up as a reporter on NBC television and writing for the NY Times?

Another example of an Obama con artist is Cornel West, professor of African-American studies at Princeton.

On Book TV, West went on and on about institutional racism and how America is racist and evil.

As a black conservative listening to West, I kept thinking, "Rather than filling black youths with victim crap, why aren't you telling blacks to get an education, stop having babies out of wedlock, and get a job?  Am I too simplistic?  Is it more complicated and I just don't get it?"

Patriots, please, please, please do not be intimidated or silenced by Obama's con artists.

Ronald Reagan said, "We had strayed a great distance from our Founding Fathers' vision of America.  They never envisioned vast agencies in Washington telling our farmers what to plant, our teachers what to teach, and our industries what to build."

Reagan's horrific nightmare scenario is well underway.  A second term for Obama equals the end of America and freedom as intended by our Founding Fathers.

Our Constitution and America as founded were inspired by God.  Therefore, Obama's vow to fundamentally transform America goes against God's intention -- thus making this coming election look a lot like a battle of good vs. evil.

My confidence and hope are in the Lord.  I pray for my country and trust that true patriots will not be conned or intimidated into silence and submission.  With God's help, we will outnumber Obama's evil minions and deadbeat parasites come election day.


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