Memo to Bloomberg: Forget Big-Gulp Bans. How about Encouraging Healthy Relationships Instead?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's fondness for legislating what naughty foods and drinks New Yorkers can and cannot buy is wearing thin. Last week, a small but outspoken group of Gotham residents participated in what was dubbed a "Million Big Gulp March" at City Hall Park, organized by a group called NYC Liberty HQ.  The protest came a month after Bloomberg  proposed a ban on selling supersized drinks in bar restaurants, movie theaters, sports arenas, food carts, and delis.  (It apparently took this long to get a protest permit from the city.)  Supposedly, this ban would help fight obesity and save on the supersized health care costs shouldered by the city related to obesity.  As if people can't just go to the market and buy a liter-sized bottle, or a 12-pack of the sugar drink of their choice. In response to the protesters, one of whom held a sign aloft that read "Hands off my bladder," the mayor said, "If you want to kill yourself, I guess you have the right to do...(Read Full Article)