Is Dick Durbin Stupid, Ignorant, or Just Lying to His Constituents?

Senator Dick Durbin is pushing for passage of a federal law allowing individual states to impose sales tax levies on any internet sales made to citizens of those respective states.  Those taxes would be identical to the taxes that would be paid if you or I went to a local store and purchased the identical item. The good senator, who was the senior senator from Illinois while Barack Obama was the (occasional) junior senator from Illinois, said in February 2012 on the floor of the United States Senate: Why should out-of-state companies that sell their products online have an unfair advantage over Main Street bricks-and-mortar businesses?  Out-of-state companies that aren't paying their fair share of taxes are sticking Illinois residents and businesses with the tab. As admittedly clever as the wording is, it seems clear that Senator Durbin is either (a) abysmally ignorant, (b) kind of dumb, or (c) lying to the very people who elected him. Just think about the first sentence...(Read Full Article)