How the Left Sabotages the Literary Right

"My biggest complaint," writes "ebmlaw" in his Amazon review of Terry Lakin's new book Officer's Oath, "is about the parts where the author graphically describes being raped by a convicted child molester (or "ch'mo" as he calls them) while in prison." For those who may not know, Terry Lakin is the medical doctor and former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, who, according to "Whiskey 35 Alpha," refused to deploy to Afghanistan because "he had concerns about that scary back (sic) man in the White House."  Clarification is added by "J. Powell," who elaborates, "[Lakin] treasonously abdicated his duties - AN OBLIGATION HE MADE AN OATH TO FULFILL - to make a political point about our first black president which is based entirely on well-documented lies." Having helped Lakin with his memoir, I am fully certain that none of these reviewers bothered to read the book.  They, or people like them, occupy Amazon and haunt the pages of all conservative authors.  On the subject of Barack...(Read Full Article)