Cojones Required to Defeat Racist Democrats and Media

Even before Barack Hussein Obama, I have been fighting the agenda of the left, those folks who hate America as founded.  Remarkably, they sincerely believe that America is the greatest source of evil in the world.  In essence, they believe that the world has too little because we have too much.  Thus, many on the left believe the 9-11 attacks were deserved.

The truth of the matter is America is extremely compassionate -- typically the first responders wherever tragedy strikes around the world.  People around the world are suffering not because we consume too much.  People are suffering due to a lack of capitalism. Pure and simple.

In 2007, I was in D.C. performing at a support rally for our troops.  A warm glow of compassion and love swept over the audience as a young widow with two small children shared the extremely moving account of how her husband gave his life for his country and fellow soldiers.

After our rally, I walked a few blocks away to the "anti-war" rally.  Hate and vulgarity filled the air.  I witnessed not just vulgar signs, but also signs supporting numerous anti-America organizations.  Disrespectful of families with children visiting our nation's capital, the mob, of at least a thousand, were chanting, "F--- George Bush! F--- George Bush! F--- George Bush!"

I thought, "Such a strong contrast from the love, respect and compassion of our troop support rally."

And yet, these anti-America haters were treated with the utmost respect by the mainstream media, while our troop support rally, with several thousands in attendance, was for the most part ignored.  When the mainstream media does give us the time of day, they imply that we are a bunch of nutcase extremists.

When Obama entered the national arena, the bias of the mainstream media intensified times ten.  Obama was their dream come true.  Not only was Obama a left-wing hater of traditional America like them, but he was black.  Perfect!  What white person would have the cojones to criticize the first black presidential candidate?

John McCain did not. Remarkably, Sarah Palin did.

Upon winning the White House, what white person would have the cojones to oppose the first black president implementing his vowed "hope and change" agenda?  Rush Limbaugh did.  Obama minions, a group that includes the mainstream media, sought to destroy Limbaugh while sycophant Republicans held their coats.

Limbaugh survived solely because of his extraordinary connection with We The People.  The Limbaugh phenomenon is bigger than Rush Limbaugh the man.

The mainstream media's commitment to protect their black icon to further their socialist/progressive agenda is no longer a stealth operation -- far from it.  Their bias is all-the-way-live and in your face.  Without pretense of fairness, balance, or truth, the mainstream media is in complete solidarity with the Democratic Party to give Obama a second term to fully "fundamentally transform America."

I suspect that the mainstream media will make Obama's re-election campaign the second coming of the OJ trial.  Despite a mountain of evidence proving his guilt, OJ's trial morphed into being about America's racism rather than about a man brutally murdering his wife and the mother of his children.

Despite Obama's horrific record, the mainstream media and Democrats will make Obama's re-election about America's racism.  Sam Donaldson set the stage when he said all opposition to Obama by the right is racially motivated.

Displaying her racism, black Democrat Senator Louise Lucas boldly called Romney and white voters against Obama racist.

The mainstream media sees no problem with black racists verbally insulting and beating up on white voters.  Apparently, anything goes if it will help Obama win.

So we know that the mainstream media is boldly and shamelessly in the tank for their golden child.

In a sane world, Obama's horrific record would cause him to lose in a landslide.  Will the white Republican presidential candidate have the cojones to boldly exploit the first black president's failed presidency?  Or will he wimp out?

In supporting roles for the Republican candidate, I pray that Limbaugh and Palin have inspired enough clones with cojones to survive the coming tsunami of charges of racism by the mainstream media and Democrats who wish to silence all who tell the truth about Obama.

These people such as Senator Lucas and the mainstream media, who are working to re-elect Obama, are void of scruples and character.  They are willing to sacrifice anything and everything, including national race relations, to re-elect their American idol.  Cojones are required to defeat these racists on the left.