Birthers and Bainers and Returners, Oh My!

Birthers and Bainers and Returners -- oh my!  In today's political Oz, we're warned to beware of crazy conspiracy theorists, described by creative names ending in "er." Along the road to the 2012 election, birthers are probably the most notorious "ers."  Although the mainstream media defines them as believing in an Obama Kenyan birthplace, many birthers might instead refer to themselves as "dualers," claiming Obama's dual citizenship a disqualification from "natural born" eligibility.  But such arguments are certainly less exciting to read about than African nativity scenes. The recent discovery of the literary agent's pamphlet that affirmed a Kenyan birth spawned "transcripters," who suggested that Obama's college records might reveal whether he intentionally benefited from some sort of foreign student status.  (The fact that the agency biography was likely composed by Obama himself, or at the very least known by him over the sixteen years that it was revised and...(Read Full Article)