The Obfuscation Factor

Obama was raised by communists, he hung out with communists in school, he hung out with communists after he got out of school, he talks just like a communist, and all we can say is that he promotes envy and class warfare.  That's like saying that Charles Manson smells bad.

Oh, they say, he takes money from Wall Street.  Warren Buffett likes him.  Yeah, and Engels was an industrialist.  The Germans sent Lenin back to Russia in a sealed train.  The New York Times liked Castro.  What else is new?

But far tighter handcuffs bite our wrists.  These are, strictly speaking, inhuman handcuffs, because actual human beings -- the vast majority of human beings who have ever lived or ever will live -- have no compunction against criticism of religions they do not hold, and we lack the courage even to criticize the religion of dead and deadly Aztecs or Mayans.  We've allowed Wicca to become respectable.  Next it will be Baal and Ashtaroth.

This is no mere theoretical discussion.  It costs us lives.  Every day it costs us lives, lives of our noblest and most self-sacrificing compatriots, soldiers today in Afghanistan, tomorrow God knows where. 

Go to Jihad Watch, and day after day you will see -- from mainstream press accounts -- that Copts are slaughtered in Egypt, Christians blown up in their churches in Nigeria, teenage girls raped and murdered in England, mutilated in France, honor-killed in Michigan, women stoned in Afghanistan and Iran, worshipers imprisoned in Indonesia. 

For God's sake, the other week a man beheaded his wife and dismembered her body in front of her six children.  In Germany!  "After he lunged at police with the severed head of his wife he threw it from the roof of his five storey apartment building to the street below."  It will happen in Duluth tomorrow and Des Moines the day after.  We can't say that he was a Muslim -- only that he was a Turk named Orhan Sircasi.  What did you expect, that he was a Kansan named Smith?  Half the time this happens, the guy is named Muhammad.

And while Copts defend their homes against Egyptian mobs, we, cowards, almost all, won't stand up even to Muslim cab drivers who refuse to pick up blind people because they have seeing-eye dogs.  We obediently go to other lines in the grocery story because we are intimidated by a Muslim woman who won't ring up our pork sausage.  And we are afraid to say that we may not know exactly what Obama believes, but whatever it is, it ain't good.

We hear all day long about "secular society," but there is no secular society.  It does not exist.  What people call secular is almost always New Age, and when it is not, it is some other form of idolatry, such as scientism or Obamamania.  People are religious animals, and we are supposed to act as if religion does not matter. 

The liberal establishment, which includes establishment Republicans, laughs at people who think Obama is a Muslim.  But people who think that at least engage in a reasoning process, unlike those who simply laugh. 

People say something like this to themselves: the laughers simply take Obama's word for his Christianity, but we know what that is worth.  He says that he attended church for twenty years, but says that he did not notice that the preacher was a raging, hate-filled lunatic.  He slanders Christians who "cling" to their religion, but he bows down to Saudi princes.  He seems to think that Israel is the problem in the Middle East, which is an opinion not uncommon among Muslims.  He greets Muslims with greetings that Muslims reserve for use only among themselves. 

What's  really going on is that he tries to make Christians think he is a Christian and Muslims think he is a Muslim, all the while worshiping only himself.

But the main point is that we have to look at people as they really are, and what they really are is religious.  And not all religions are alike, or even close to it.  And to be indifferent to the religious motivations of people in this world and to their fate in the world hereafter is absurd cowardice in a world where acid is thrown in the faces of little girls for going to school.

Why can't our media or our leaders face facts?