Party Loyalty and the Future of America

Does loyalty to a political party trump the well-being of a nation?  That question now confronts many Democratic Party activists, financial contributors, and elected politicians, particularly because Barack Obama has no loyalty to the party he leads.

In 2008, the Party went on a blind date with someone they did not know and made no effort to investigate.  Playing on his ethnicity, his ability to deliver a speech, and a manufactured image geared to appeal to a celebrity-obsessed populace, Barack Obama captured the hearts and minds of the Democratic Party movers and shakers.  Hillary Clinton, unable to counter this slick marketing campaign, was soon discarded for the new kid on the block.

It mattered little to the Democratic Party hierarchy who Obama was or what he had said or done in his past.  Winning the White House with a "transformative" candidate was the only objective. 

The mainstream media, the vast majority of whom historically vote Democrat, were overwhelmingly predisposed to swallow the composite image portrayed by the Obama team.  He accorded with and exceeded their superficial image of an ideal presidential candidate.  The major financial contributors to the Party, also susceptible to the new celebrity in their midst, were likewise mesmerized. 

To the Democratic Party office-holders, dependent on the largess of the Party hierarchy, it mattered little who was the Party nominee -- they would blindly support anyone chosen.  Party activists, many also dependent on the Party hierarchy, were willingly dispatched throughout the media to regurgitate talking points in furtherance of the false portrait painted by the Obama campaign.

Once in office, the real Barack Obama surfaced.  The blind date has turned out to be a disaster for the Party and the country.

Counting upon the fascination with him and unbridled loyalty to the Democratic Party, Barack Obama coerced the Congress, overwhelmingly controlled by the Democrats in 2009-2010, to take the lead and the arrows as they passed numerous bills transferring near-unlimited power to the executive branch.  Among these were the extremely unpopular and unconstitutional ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act. 

As all spending must be approved by Congress, a convenient scapegoat, Obama pushed a myriad of spending priorities while tacitly agreeing to spending demands, no matter how outrageous and detrimental to the long-term future of the country, if the right interests were served.  Further, the Congress raised no objections when extra-constitutional regulations were issued and appointments made.  Many dubious and potentially illegal actions by the administration (such as the Fast and Furious debacle) were ignored and swept under the rug in this Congress.

In the meantime, Barack Obama remained above the fray, ignoring Congress and its leaders as they myopically and slavishly did his bidding.  His rare meetings with them were condescending and reminiscent of a summons before the throne of a monarch. 

Unable to muster any self-respect, the Democratic members of Congress have continued to bow before the throne, even after a devastating defeat in the 2010 midterm elections (the Democrats lost 69 seats overall).  In that campaign, the titular leader of the Party, Barack Obama, did next to nothing to help those running for re-election.  In the current election cycle, he has completely ignored the financial and campaign needs of those running for Congress from the Democratic Party.

Barack Obama no longer needs the Congress.  They have already granted and allowed him to usurp sufficient power to unilaterally "transform America" in the next four years, regardless of who controls Congress.  

The bulk of the financial contributions to the Democratic Party and to the Obama campaign in 2008 came from the ranks of private industry, Wall Street, unions, and Hollywood -- all dependent on the free market working efficiently and creating individual wealth and income for the government.  Yet the president's extreme left-wing economic policies, demonization of capitalism, and class-warfare rhetoric are intended to transform the nation into another failed socialist state.  This was a goal clearly stated by Obama during the 2008 campaign but ignored by those who refused to listen or ask questions.

Did those who contributed to the Obama campaign in 2008 expect the United States within four years to accumulate a staggering $6.0 trillion in new debt?  A U-5 unemployment rate (those unemployed, discouraged, or marginally attached to the labor force) that has not fallen below 9.5% since Obama assumed office?  An average GDP growth over Obama's term to date of an anemic and historically woeful 1.50%?  Only 28% of populace believing that the country is moving in the right direction?  And with the global economy facing another potential and more severe financial crisis and recession that the United States, because of the profligate and radical policies of the Obama administration, would be in a near-untenable position to weather?

The answer to all the above is no, they did not, as they refused to believe that Obama was steeped in 1960s radicalism and that once in the White House, Obama would govern as a '60s radical.  The time has come for these blindly loyal financial supporters to understand that the policies and tactics of this administration are aimed at destroying their wealth and standing -- unless they are willing to compromise themselves and acquiesce to the cronyism expected by this regime and be foolish enough to believe they will then be exempt from anti-capitalist policies in another Obama term.

When are the majority of elected Democrat politicians going to admit that they are the battered victims of a man whose only interest is himself and his radical ideology?  That they and the Party they represent have been used to achieve Obama's ascendancy to the White House and putting in place not only unfettered executive power, but the appointment of extreme ideological leftists in the administration to carry out and enforce their vision of America?  Barack Obama has made clear by his disdain for elected Democrats everywhere that his is a dictatorial and narcissistic mindset.

At this juncture in the Obama presidency, surely many party activists must be tired of regurgitating inane talking points and unbelievable excuses for Obama's failures.  They are beginning to appear to the public as well-educated people incapable of generating an original thought not bought and paid for by the Obama machine.

Perhaps, among the rank and file of the Democratic Party, more are waking up to the reality of who Barack Obama is, particularly as the alternative media discovers more about his background, upbringing, and ideology.  It is becoming more difficult to maintain the veil of secrecy surrounding the Obama biography.  But more importantly, the failures of his administration speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, in America today, there are some Republicans and many Democrats who believe that party loyalty is more important than the well-being of the nation and its people.  It was this same selfish short-sightedness that brought to power many despots in the past century -- to the detriment of untold millions throughout the world.

The United States is hurtling toward a cliff.  If Barack Obama is re-elected, the nation will descend into economic and societal chaos.  There are, among elected Democrat politicians, financial contributors, and party activists, many who do understand what the future holds and whom they helped put into the Oval Office.  While a courageous few have begun to publically speak out, far too many are fearful.  This is not the time for cowardice.  If some do not have the intestinal fortitude to go public, then at least come November 6, 2012, in the privacy of the voting booth, may they set aside party loyalty and think of the country and the well-being of future generations.