Marine Aviators at the Battle of Midway

Early June, 1942 The Japanese Empire was at the height of its expansion.  One last, insignificant possession of the United States remained to be cleared from the western Pacific Ocean.  A mighty Japanese fleet was steaming to do battle and capture Midway.  If things went truly well, the Japanese would lure the American fleet into a decisive naval engagement.  There was little doubt, at least in Tokyo, that the numerically superior, better-equipped, and much more experienced Japanese fleet would be triumphant. The Japanese fleet included four of the aircraft carriers that had performed so ably at Pearl Harbor: the Akagi, the Hiryu, the Kaga, and the Soryu.  These were accompanied by two huge battleships: the Haruna and the Kirishima.  They proceeded as an integrated battle group, their speed constrained by the top speed of the battleships.  The time advantage conceded to the Americans would prove costly. The Japanese had planned on all six carriers...(Read Full Article)