History in the Making: The Decline of America

While many Americans took pride in electing the first black president of the United States, some of us questioned the wisdom of taking an inexperienced blank slate and elevating him to the most important and powerful position in the world.  That is not an exaggeration.  The POTUS is also known as the leader of the free world.  He is the commander-in-chief of the world's most powerful military force, and he controls decisions that affect both domestic and world affairs, including those that impact human rights across the globe and the sustainability of world economies.  The world relies upon Americans to ensure freedom at home and leadership abroad in order to maintain a balance of power that has ensured relative peace and grown prosperity at an historical rate.

The world was wrong to rely on American values.  The elitist, white, Ivy-educated (i.e.,  indoctrinated); the Hollywood cocooned; the liberal and Soros-controlled mainstream media; the proud minorities; and the progressive left-wing Democrats succeeded in convincing a majority of Americans that an incompetent ideologue living in the White House would be the greatest thing since Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, and sliced bread all rolled into one.  No one took his or her responsibilities as an American -- an evolved species of humans that had succeeded in overcoming the evils of prior tyrannies and learned from history's teachings -- seriously enough to contemplate just how solemn an obligation it is to enter the voting booth and pull the lever for the person best suited to take the country in a positive direction and help those less fortunate both here and abroad. 

Hence the election of Barack Hussein Obama -- the man whose earliest life lessons were instilled in a madrassa in Indonesia; formed at the knee of socialist Frank Marshall Davis; encouraged and helped along by such as Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Rashid Khalidi; and generally ignored when ascending to the highest office in the land.  The jokes post-election compared his resume to something that could fit on the back of a postage stamp.  The jokes never addressed the level of intellectual curiosity of the people who voted for him. 

I recall speaking with a liberal friend several months before the election, declaring that there was no way that Obama would win -- Americans were too smart to fall for the rhetoric (I believe I called it B.S. at the time).  I was too consumed by the vast amount of information that I had accumulated about Obama's personal story to understand that my friend had little interest in learning about the man who would become king.  She and people like her cared more about ridding themselves of the ugliness of life -- the memories of 9/11 and resulting military conflicts were too easy to blame on Republicans and the dreams of their fathers, and hope and change were too beautiful to ignore.

I also recall speaking to her husband, who continually accused me of drinking the Kool-Aid while it was so obvious who was doped up on meaningless and vapid nonsense.  Greek columns, oceans receding, promises of transparency and bipartisanship, the end of war -- what could be more compelling for children of the '60s, products of liberal education, descendants of the most successful generation in the history of mankind?  He and I recently had a conversation about the liberal indoctrination that occurs in our institutions of learning, and he continues to believe that college students are bright enough to question and think on their own.  This coming from someone who has never questioned the development and origination of his own values -- who pursues liberalism in vain while Europe implodes.

On Thursday after the handing down of the ObamaCare decision, in which the SCOTUS proved that the justices are quite able to make a decision notwithstanding the accuracy of its rationale or accusations that the chief justice was bullied into capitulation, I realized that unless Barack Obama loses in November, America's decline will become irreversible.  And I recall thinking almost four years ago that while the election was a devastating defeat for American values -- the values on which the country was founded -- the damage would be minimized by the lessons of history, by the checks and balances built into our wondrous Constitution, and by a citizenry that would sustain our future role of greatness in the world (a theory vindicated through the power of the Tea Party in the 2010 midterm elections).  How much damage could really be done in just four years?  And surely Americans would learn enough not to repeat the mistakes of the prior election and of cultures melting down before our very eyes.

Alas, here we are, approximately 130 days out before the 2012 presidential election, and Barack Obama is holding his own.  So I once again am forced to ponder what it is that causes Americans to plaster their front yards, their cars, and their clothing with the Obama logo that stands for nothing more than destruction and decline.  What is it that does not lead citizens to wake up to the realities staring them in the face?  The rationale for the 2008 hope-and-change dream no longer exists, and yet this phony -- this emperor with no clothes; Pinocchio; the antithesis of greatness, humility, and magnanimity of leaders throughout history; the king of the blame game and lover of straw men, whose adversity to "the buck stops here" rivals the smallest of creatures -- is polling at numbers that are shaking me to the core.

How do the GOP and Mitt Romney reach an electorate who does not see the potentially irreversible damage to the nation of another four years of Obama?  I struggle to find one single accomplishment of the Obama presidency -- because one does not exist.  The stimulus?  ObamaCare?  The car industry?  Green energy?  Energy independence?  Jobs?  The deficit?  Education?  Growth?  Prosperity?  Happiness?  Healing?  American exceptionalism?  America's relationships with allies?  The abatement of America's enemies?  The strengthening of the Pax Americana that kept stability in the Mideast for decades?  Military strength?  Nothing!

What we see is American decline at home and abroad.  We see divisiveness never practiced so skillfully and yet so dangerously from high office in a democratic institution.  We see incompetence, ineptitude, anger, constitutional abuse, disregard for the country's future, and disdain for the exceptionalism of its past.  The economy is in the tank, and ObamaCare will lead to further decay.  While government grows exponentially, the private sector sinks farther into an abyss -- how's that working out in Europe?  Our enemies laugh at us while our friends run away (mirroring the Democrats here at home who fear an alliance with this administration).  Our citizens are divided and angry, and like a parasitic growth, the Obama people feed on what they have sown.

The gum-chewing fraudster and star of stage and screen who whispers sweet nothings to the bad men hiding in the curtains stage left will surely go down in history as the beginning of the end.  And there will be no one to blame but the American people who sat in the audience, buying tickets to the sequel while cheering blindly and ignoring the warning shots that killed the greatest culture in the history of the world.

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