Freedom's Lady Eclipses the Jubilee Queen and the Prince

As an accidental tourist in London during the Queen's Jubilee, I was amazed by the party but so disappointed by the missed opportunity.  The world was watching as London threw a blow-out celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 60-year reign.  Sadly, both the queen and Prince Charles abdicated the one useful role that remains for the modern monarchy: moral leadership.  Rather than providing any meaningful sense of what it means to be uniquely British, they came frighteningly close to apologizing for it. The Prince of Wales, commemorating his mother's Diamond Jubilee, exhorted the British people to be proud of the queen and the commonwealth that had given them "that essential sense of unity through diversity."  The prince was borrowing from an April address to Islamic scholars at the Al-Qarawiyyin University in Fez, when he chose the same paradoxical words: "I find a certain amount of ridicule has come my way, but respecting other people's cultures is the only way to...(Read Full Article)