First Ladies Shouldn't Tell Girls to Shake Their Booties for the Bucks

I take no issue with Mrs. Obama's personal choices when it comes to raising her daughters.  If Michelle Obama wants to take her 10 and 13 year-old daughters to a Beyonce concert over the Memorial Day weekend, that's her choice. No law prohibits a parent from exposing her children to a singer whose song lyrics, sexualized dance moves and erotic costumes is as close to soft porn as it gets.  But when the First Lady of the United States of America pushes the singer as a "role model" in various kid-friendly, pop culture, and mainstream venues then there's a serious problem. We have already witnessed the first couple's unabashed adulation of misogynistic, cop-hating, and foul-mouthed rappers, now Mrs. Obama has seen fit to hold up a scantily clad sexually gyrating singer as a person kids should emulate. On April 11 the songstress posted a handwritten note to Michelle on her blog. She described the First Lady as a "truly strong African-American woman" whom she is...(Read Full Article)