Do Republicans Really Have Only One Reason to Criticize the President?

Democrats and their fellow travelers (that would be Progressives for those of you taking notes) are reportedly unnerved by the performance of the Romney election machine in terms of its rapid and effective response to each Obama election gambit, from the question of who really is cruel to animals to whether Governor Romney's experience at Bain Capital qualifies him to be president. As the campaign grinds on over the next five months, Team Obama will offer other rationalizations to paint Romney as unqualified, or a religious cultist, or perhaps another variation of vulture capitalist.  As we know, politics is not for the weak of heart. Naturally, Team Romney will assault Obama's record during his three and a half years in office, and the Obama campaign and the Obama surrogates will be hard pressed to defend that record.  Guantánamo was not closed.  The Fast and Furious scandal.  The Solyndra debacle.  His apparent ability to view his life as one extended...(Read Full Article)