Dept. of Justice Case against Former BP Engineer is Rapidly Crumbling

On Tuesday, May 29, the attorneys for former BP drilling and completions engineer Kurt Mix got to make another motion on his behalf before a federal magistrate, and the Obama administration lost another round.  The miscarriage of justice in this case is appalling.  Let us review the timeline. During April 2010, BP was engaged in drilling an exploratory well, Macondo 252, in about 5,000 feet of water offshore from Louisiana, using a drill rig, the Deepwater Horizon, provided by Transocean.  Given that the infrastructure was not yet built to produce the well (the pipeline to carry the production to shore), BP decided to temporarily "plug and abandon" the well, with the intent to return later with another rig to "complete" the well by reopening it and installing the production equipment.  That future "completion" operation would be designed by a "completion engineer" such as Mr. Mix.  It was during the plug and abandon operation that the crew of the Deepwater...(Read Full Article)