An Iron Curtain Descends on Islamistan

"An Iron Curtain has descended over half of Europe" said Winston Churchill's in his historic Iron Curtain speech of 1946. It was ominous news for the West, but millions of people at that time were adult enough to listen. Unfortunately, we do not live in a time for adults today. We have certifiable ignoramuses demonstrating against "capitalism" in the streets, with an equally perverse and ignorant media telling us how wonderful those educated half-wits are.

Just the other day the news broke that Al Qaida has been financed by the heir apparent to the Saudi throne. This news has been in the public domain for a decade, and the American public has heard nothing:

Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, now the next in line to take over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was one of several defendants sued last year for his alleged support of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Salman is identified as an "individual patron" of al-Qaeda and as the leader of the Saudi High Commission for Relief to Bosnia and Herzegovina (SHC).

A U.N. sponsored investigation further determined that Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, the head of the SHC, transferred in excess of $120 million from his personal accounts and SHC accounts under his control to the Third World Relief Agency ('TWRA'), between July of 1992 and July of 1995. According to the 9/11 Commission, the TWRA was an al Qaeda front and the primary pipeline for illegal arms shipments to al Qaeda fighters in the Balkans.

This is not a time for rational adults in the West, and therefore it is a very good time for the enemies of liberty. Obama is designating assassination targets for Predator strikes, but nobody has apparently persuaded the Saudis to stop sponsoring Al Qaida.

What does that tell you? It explains why we are losing the war against radical Islam in clear and measurable ways. Obama's assassinations mean nothing. His failure to stop the flow of terror financing means everything.

Today an invisible but very harsh Iron Curtain is dropping over a billion people of Islamistan -- the nation-states ruled by Islamic law, Shari'ah, to one degree or another.

But we have no Churchill to sound the alarm. Like FDR at Yalta, Western leaders are actively selling our interests out to radical Islam's ruthless tyranny over men, women, children and religious dissenters. With Obama's "Arab Spring," the Koranic Curtain has slammed down from Tunisia to Egypt, Turkey and Iran--- and all the little Shari'ahstans in London, Paris, and New York. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Those societies are now falling backwards, backwards into the iron rule of Shari'ah law, and the Western media and politicians who know all about it are deadly afraid to tell the truth. We have no Churchills today, but reality doesn't care. Harsh realities are not for our politicians or news media. Look at Greece: Realists have known they were eating their seed corn for decades. It's only the politicians and "news" media who are acting surprised. We are as easily lied to as the Greeks. Their fate is ours if Obama is re-elected.

The Arab word "harem" doesn't come from some romantic fairytale. "Haram" means "forbidden," because men and infidels who dare to enter the harim will lose their heads and/or genitalia. Islam has always found removal of body parts, including heads, to be the most efficient way to enforce Shari'ah law, and it hasn't changed. That's why honor killings, even in the West, tend to sever heads and body parts. To spread mass terror as well as Allah's justice among teenage girls.

 In 1783 Mozart wrote the opera "The Abduction from the Seraglio," which turned harems and female slavery into a musical comedy. The reality was grimmer, bloodier and much more abusive, as everybody knew in 1783.  Female kidnapping, slavery, castration for men (eunuchs), and rape for women and children was so much the way of the Muslim world in 1783 that it could be turned into a fashionable musical comedy. Muslim pirates still raided the coast of England and Ireland to take children and women for the slave markets of Algeria and Baghdad. Libyan pirates attacked American merchant ships during Thomas Jefferson's term. The Muslims were what they were, and had been so for a thousand years by 1783, and there was nothing to do about it. So Mozart turned it into a romantic comedy in which the heroine (naturally) escapes with her virtue intact.

Our media and politicians have knowingly allowed the Muslim world to fall back to 1783 -- a year when the United States was the only democratic nation in the world. We keep forgetting that, but it's basic history. We are the pioneering democratic republic, and visitors like Alexis de Tocqueville came over here to study the robust new infant nation. Tocqueville's Democracy in America is the first great work about this odd new phenomenon in the world: "democracy that works."

Tocqueville came here to write about America after the French Revolution had guillotined his own family members. The Revolution spread like wildfire as Napoleon invaded most of Europe with mass industrialized armies, killing millions of people for the glory of France and the Emperor. Tocqueville saw Europe's failed democracy, and traveled to the United States to see if it could be made to work. He was surprised to see it working pretty well over here, though he wasn't afraid to criticize our flaws.  Tocqueville was a great realist and a friend of liberty, and he knew he was present at the birth of something new and extraordinary in the world.

For a hundred years afterwards America was one of the rare working democratic republics in the world, while every significant capital in Europe fell for the seduction of imperial glory.

Soviet imperialism was only the latest grandiose failure of European imperialism, and today's European Union still uses that old imperial propaganda, but now the word "war for the Empire" is "peace-making for the Empire." Such a difference.

 If you believe the EU, they have discovered the key to peace and love on earth at last, and all they need to do is to make the rest of us follow their example to achieve paradise eternal. That is why the economic breakdown of southern Europe is such an important warning: The EU is a phony front, completely dependent on the United States for its defense, and therefore junking its militaries to buy more welfare votes. This monstrosity can't last, as Margaret Thatcher said: At some point you run out of other people's money. Greece just ran out other people's money, soon to be followed by Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and maybe France.

Marxism is of course the imperialistic dream of one Karl Marx, who was born in Prussian territory and loved all that marching back and forth by barked orders from the Kaiser, the generals, and all the littler string puppets. Marx just wanted the Communist Party to be the Kaiser and his Junkers, and just like every European imperial propaganda machine since Julius Caeasar, Marx promised to turn the world into paradise on earth, as long as everybody followed orders from Party Central. Or else. Our campuses today are infested with little Marxist professors who are still falling for that scam, and pounding it into the heads of empty-headed kids who then go out and "demonstrate against capitalism" -- which has paid for their education, food, clothing, and shelter all of their lives.

And yet in spite of years of indoctrinated ignorance, American constitutional government remains the single most successful model of a stable democratic republic in the long and bloody history of human misrule.  

When liberals like Obama sneer from the height of their arrogance at the US Constitution, just ask them for a better example. It doesn't exist, speaking in pure, sober truth. Not in Africa, certainly not in Europe, not in the Soviet experiment that is now in ruins. Obama is a self-preening product of Harvard Law School, and last week a retired Harvard Law School professor called for his urgent defeat in 2012, to remove a a clear and present danger to the Constitution.

Since 1783 the democratic ideal has spread all over the world, but practical democracy is as insecure today as it was two hundred years ago, because democracy in the constitutional sense threatens the power of corrupt elites -- the traditional form of misgovernment throughout the world.  Real democracy thrives in places like India, Australia, and in spite of totalitarian fantasy-mongers, in America and occasionally in Europe. Democracy keeps trying and failing in Russia under Putin, in China after Mao, and now in the Muslim world under three great totalitarian sects -- Iran's Khomeini cult, the Wahhabi oil-fed priesthood of Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt that is now reaching for ultimate power.

Just as FDR at Yalta allowed Stalin to take over half of Europe in exchange for Soviet tank divisions attacking Hitler, Obama has knowingly yielded the Arab world to radical Islam. Little Barry grew up as a child in Jakarta, which was just trying to recover from the Year of Living Dangerously, when the army of the most populous Muslim nation, and the biggest Communist Party outside of Red China fought each other viciously, killing hundreds of thousands of people, including the scapegoats of the hour, the overseas Chinese. It was horrific, bloody mass murder.

Little Barry was ferried to Jakarta by Mom and Lolo, and was put into a Muslim school, until he was sent back to Hawaii to live under the tender care of the grandparents, who engaged CPUSA porn writer and Frank Marshall Davisto "mentor" him.

To think that Barack H. Obama doesn't know about Muslim head-chopping tyranny, female oppression and warfare is absurd. Half his childhood was spent living in the aftermath of one of its bloodiest eruptions.

After Obama and Jimmy Carter surrendered modern nations like Iran, Turkey and Egypt to reactionary throwbacks, we are now looking at decades of another Iron Curtain, this time enforced by nuclear weapons in the hands of martyrdom fanatics. Good luck.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Churchill didn't want to give that Iron Curtain speech either. In 1948 Stalin's Iron Curtain was reality,  and therefore it had to be explained to millions of people in the West -- who were sick and tired of war, and who didn't want to hear Churchill's historic warning.  Yet forewarned means forearmed, as Churchill understood so  well. Ignorance in the face of mortal danger means death. Churchill's warning, and its acceptance by American liberals like Truman, Kennedy and LBJ, turned that mortal danger into decades of US-Soviet standoff; but it avoided nuclear disaster until the Soviet Empire crumbled of its own inner contradictions before 1990.

The Soviet breakdown was a huge, historic victory for democracy and civilization. But twenty years later our children are kept in abject ignorance about those facts by our liberal ostriches. He who does not remember history is condemned to repeat it.

The West and America still live in self-inflicted ignorance, in the face of new, aggressive imperialism, the fourth major assault on democracy since America became a world power in World War I. Before World War I we were protected by the oceans. We could stay home, and did. Americans knew how lucky they were, and preserved their love of country from one generation to the next. We were safe.

Today we have the best armed forces in the world, but our politicians are moral surrender monkeys. The world knows it. When even the most brilliant armed forces are run by liberal wobblies we get mushed into pure shark bait.  Sun Tzu knew that, and the Muslim conquerors of the Persian and Byzantine Empires knew it.  War means deception, as desert warrior Mohammed wrote in the Koran. If your enemy is stupid, decadent and ignorant, they will surrender without a fight. First you lie to them. Then you kill them if you can.

Welcome to the world of media-bullied American morons. Our children are our medieval peasants, kept in mental darkness for their own good.  But they are told they've got all the answers -- like peace and love forever -- because they watch late night agit-prop from the likes of sleazocrat Bill Maher.  Those kids are the smartest people they know.  Really.  They've got an opinion on everything and know absolutely nothing.  They are the ones demonstrating on Obama's command against capitalism, which has fed and nurtured them all their lives.

Put those facts together, and you get today's mortal danger to civilized life, the life we take for granted.  Women's rights?  t's a lost cause in Islamastan. Homosexual tolerance?  It is gone among a billion people in the world, and the ideological tide of homosexual oppression has now spread to London, Berlin and Stockholm, where Gay Pride Parades are taken as just another piece of Western decadence. .  The Gay Revolution is under attack, and when the forces of Shari'ah are strong enough they will abolish gay and women's rights wherever they can. You can predict it, and you can see it happen.

The Left will be silent, because the Left has a secret love affair with radical Islam, and they've always been happy to sacrifice their allies for  power. (The atheist Left is in the crosshairs, too, of course, as are Christians and Jews. But the atheists deserve death under Islamic law, while People of the Book will be tolerated as despised minorities.)

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, people of the world. It tolls for thee.

China, India and Russia will survive the  onslaught, because they have resistance to Muslim imperialism built into their genes, having been infected before, and developed immunity after dreadful suffering. The Western world of useful idiots love to be lied to, and they will fall like corn stalks before the sickle of resurgent Islam. Imperialism is as imperialism does.

The harem is an Iron Curtain, and it is the prison that divides the House of War (the West and the rest) from the House of Peace (peace by submission, the lands of Muslim power).  Add a 21st century propaganda campaign fueled by oil dollars to the Saudis and Gulf states, a huge missionary campaign by the Wahhabi priesthood in Arabia to export the most extreme desert throwback version of Islam to the West, and finally, add a billion mind-zonked morons in the West, symbolized by The Won bowing down low to King Abdullah of the desert sands, and we have a civilizational threat  as dangerous as the rise of Leninism in Soviet Russia in 1917.

9/11 was not the end. It was only the beginning.

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